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OCZ Dominatrix Laser Gaming Mouse Review

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Since you cannot really benchmark a mouse, I am going to take the OCZ Dominatrix along with other previously tested mice in a series of subjective tests to try and find out which is the fastest, most comfortable, accurate, and customizable mouse. The results will be based on my experience playing a mix of first person shooters, real time strategy games, and general use like Internet browsing and office tools, with every mouse.

Testing System

Comparison mice:



For the speed test, I have compared how fast I was able to move the mouse across the screen, as well as making quick movements in games. Results are on a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being very slow and 10 lightning fast. By default, the Dominatrix isn't nearly as fast as the two other previsouly tested gaming mice, it's highest default setting being 2000 DPI. However, once you fire up the "Gaming Mouse" software and click the "DPI Setting" button, it can be set up to an amazingly quick 3200 DPI. This makes it by far the fastest mouse to have traveled on my mouse pad, although I found such speed to be a bit over the top.


For this aspect of the testing, I will be comparing the comfort and "feel" of the mice; 1 means the least comfortable mouse ever, and 10 means that you just don't want to take your hand off of it. The Dominatrix has a highly ergonomic shape, similar to WolfKing's and Logitech's. It fits your hand like a glove and both left and right buttons are carved deep enough to comfortably secure your fingers into place. The large rubber area also helps keep a solid hold. Therefore, it is very well suited for gaming and that makes it stay ahead of the pack.


Accuracy is very important for a gaming mouse since you don't want to miss all those frags just because your opponents can successfully hit their targets faster than you. So for this test, I compared how many headshots I was able to pull off, along with how easily I could hit whatever I was aiming for. 1 means I was never able to get a good shot at a target, while 10 means hitting head shots was like a walk in the park. This part is a bit of a mixed bag since it does require quite a bit of tweaking to get the weight that you feel is best. Although, once you've found out the sweet spot, it's definitely among the top contestants.


Every mouse has some form of basic customization, but I will be comparing, again on a scale from 1 to 10, how many settings I was able to change; 1 being no changeable settings, and 10 meaning that everything can be changed. This is, once again, another area where OCZ's mouse shines. Right after you plug it in, there are four preprogrammed DPI settings available that can easily be changed by pressing the DPI button. After the gaming software is installed, it allows you to select exactly the DPI you want every mode to have, anywhere between 400 and 3200, in 100 DPI steps, which is really nice. The ability to seemlessly program your own macros to assign to thumb buttons as well as adding weights are also welcomed features. Once again, OCZ's latest gaming tool keeps the lead.

Let's wrap this up!

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer look (Continued)
  3. Configuration
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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