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OCZ Dominatrix Laser Gaming Mouse Review

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 Closer look:

With the packaging out of the way, we can truly see what OCZ's Dominatrix is all about. The top part is where the mouse can easily be identified with the Dominatrix name written around a crosshair with OCZ's “Z” perfectly centered. The mouse's matte black finish looks fairly average, but the blue middle part and sides gives it that extra sex appeal, if I can call it that. With the blue part on both sides fully made out of rubber, getting a good grip, an important aspect on a gaming mouse, shouldn't be much of an issue. Both sides also have a glossy black finish all around the rubber grip, which makes the whole thing look awesome. Nearly an industry standard feature nowadays, two thumb buttons also make their appearance along with five other buttons. The scroll wheel handles both vertical and horizontal scrolling, something that might give it an edge over its competitors.

The Dominatrix has some interesting stuff going on the bottom part. The contact surfaces cover most of the edges, making sure the mouse always makes good contact with the surface it is sliding on. On the back portion, right behind the laser sensor, is a little compartment where up to seven weights can be added; stay tuned for details on this feature.













The Dominatrix features a total of seven buttons with two of them having a fixed function assigned to them, namely the DPI and M, which will be used for on-the-fly customization. Here's a close up of the special function buttons - notice that tiny LED integrated on top of the M - and weight system the Dominatrix features.




Now that we know how it looks, let's see how it works.

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