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OCZ Behemoth Double-Laser Gaming Mouse Review

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When it comes to the performance of the OCZ Behemoth Double-Laser Gaming mouse, it absolutely does the job that it was intended to do, and does it quite well. The mouse has many customizations that can be done to make it not only unique, but to make sure it is going to be able to be the mouse you wish to use when you are gaming or using for every day purposes. The first thing that was great about the mouse is the included weights to help lighten the amount of weight you are moving around your pad. Most gamers know that after 3-4 hours of intensely playing one of their favorite games, your wrist starts to ache if you are using a heavy mouse. OCZ knows this and decided to answer the call and help you with your wrist problems. The next feature that I liked was the fact that you were able to program every single button on the mouse and change the preset DPI resolution settings to your liking. If you wish to have a very sensitive control for running through a map in a FPS game, or if you want a less sensitive setting to move your sniper's scope across the screen, this is easily changeable in-game. The only downside of the in-game adjustments for the DPI settings is that you have to cycle through all four of the settings, you cannot skip a setting or visually see on the screen what setting you are using. The software that comes with the mouse is very user friendly and allows you to create a script and use it with one of your side buttons, which allows you to have a bunch of keystrokes performed at once without thinking about what you need to type. The only downside of the software that I see is that it does not have an automatic installer to install the software to your computer, so you have to use the disk to change your settings, and it is a mini-CD, which can make it easier to lose.

If you are a gamer and you are still using an older mouse that was not designed with gaming in mind, you may want to make the switch. If your wrist and fingers on yourmouse hand are hurting or feel sore after a gaming session, this is a good indication you could use a gaming mouse. The OCZ Behemoth mouse was designed to have all five of your fingers on the mouse in a gripping stance, which is not my most favorite way to hold a mouse; I tend to like to hold it more laid back and spread out as it is more comfortable to me. However, if you are unsure of what way you enjoy holding your mouse, you may want to pick up the OCZ Behemoth, as the price of this thing is unbeatable at under $30!  If you are looking for a very customizable mouse to use and you know you like a larger mouse that is going to be able to hold all your fingers, you will definitely want to try this one, as it has everything that you would ever want!



  • Price
  • Customization
  • Weight adjustments
  • In-game DPI adjustments
  • Customizable cord placement



  • No Automatic Installer
  • Cycle through to change DPI settings



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