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OCZ Behemoth Double-Laser Gaming Mouse Review

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Closer Look:

Once you get the OCZ Behemoth Double-Laser Gaming Mouse out of the packaging, you are able to see exactly how simple the mouse is; which is not necessarily a bad thing at all. Taking a bird's eye view of the mouse, you'll notice the Behemoth logo printed in white to contrast with the black body of the mouse. The logo has the words Behemoth printed around a sniper's cross-hair with a large "Z" in the center. Sitting on the top of the mouse is a silver button with an LED in the center and  three lights above it. This is how you are going to be able to change your settings on the fly, but we will get into that later. There is a scroll wheel in between the left and right buttons that clicks down and functions as a third button. The wheel feels like it is made of rubber, which is going to be nice when you are gaming, as you will be able to get a good grip on it and should be able to spin through your weapons quickly. Looking at the mouse head-on, you can see exactly how tall the mouse stands compared to other mice that are out on the market, and you'll also notice that there is quite a downward slope to it. The two sides of the Behemoth are very different from each other, making this clearly for right-handed mouse users. The right side of the mouse contains a very subtle downward slope with two ridges in it where your ring and pinky fingers can easily and comfortably rest. The left side contains a large indent where your thumb can fit, in which OCZ placed two buttons, most commonly used for backward and forward movement in browsers and other applications.















The USB cord on the OCZ Behemoth Gaming Mouse uses a High-Speed USB 2.0 interface to connect to your computer so it can communicate with it, but the wire sleeving is not your typical wire sleeving. OCZ has decided to use a tightly woven fabric to protect the internal wires instead of the more commonly used plastic. It seems like it would catch on things and be able to stain a little easier than the typical covering, but it does give the mouse a very unique look to it. When you take a look at how the cable connects to the mouse on the underside, you'll notice that there are a total of six imprinted channels that allow you to change the orientation of the cable when it comes out of the front of the mouse. This is going to help keep the cable from getting in the way while you are in a gaming session along. You can change it from going straight out, at a 40° angle or at a 90° angle on either the right or left side of the mouse.




On the bottom of the OCZ Behemoth, you are going to see what looks like a battery cover, but this is not a wireless mouse, so what gives? Well, when you open it up, you are going to find a piece of foam covered in black felt that houses five little silver pieces that look like watch batteries, but do not be fooled, they are not actually batteries. These are actually weights so that you are able to customize the weight of your mouse. Every gamer that plays for a long period of time knows exactly how heavy a mouse can get, and that is why some of the better quality gaming mice come with the option to customize the weight of the mouse. The weights that are hidden in this secret compartment on the underside of the Behemoth weigh 4.5 grams a piece, totaling 22.5 grams. If you want a lighter mouse, just remove one or more. Another cool feature on the underside of the mouse is a tiny push-button located in the center of the top sticker that allows you to change between three different custom profiles.




As I mentioned before, there is a button located on the top of the mouse with an LED in it. This button is how you are going to change your DPI resolution levels on the fly. There are a total of four settings that you can program inside of the Behemoth's software, but it does come with pre-programmed settings. The four settings are as follows: no lights = 800 DPI; one light = 1,600 DPI; two lights = 2,400 DPI; and finally all three lights = 3,200 DPI. This makes it easier to change between a sniper and a ground troop when it comes to using your weapons.





Now that we know what the OCZ Behemoth Double-Laser Gaming Mouse looks like, I think that it is time to see what the software end of the package looks like and see how easy it is to install/configure.

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