NZXT Precise 650 Watt Power Supply Review

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Reviewed on: June 14, 2006
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Precise: a word that brings most of us to the edge of our respective thrones, whether to oogle at that brand new BMW or admire a special piece of computer hardware. NZXT is bringing that sought-after "show and shine quality" you normally expect to see on new BMWs to your home with their latest 650 Watt Precise Power source. NZXT is a newcomer to the computer hardware game, established in 2004 by a group of gamers who wanted to design products aimed at the gaming community. With the release of their new line of power sources they are taking a wider stance in the market, and securing a strong foothold. The real test will not be mere appearance, but the sheer brute animal performance of this beast.

Closer Look

When I received this power source, I was a little shocked as to the state the package was in. There were dents, and dings in the box, I was just praying that the power source was not damaged!

After opening up the box and checking I was relieved to find no dents or blemishes on the unit itself. Coming with the standard instruction manual as well as an ATX power cord.


Having a look at the power source itself I initially noticed that it had almost double the amount of connectors that most Power sources ship with.

Comes with the standard ATX 2.0 connector (24 pin) Molex, Sata connectors, floppy connectors, etc. Although there was also one set of connectors that I was not used to seeing hardwired into a power source these being dedicated fan connectors in the 3 pin variety.

A nice touch, as it will help cut down on the bulk from adaptors, and the such. All of the half billion cables come either pre-sleeved or braided, which is nice as it will aid in hiding those pesky lines sticking out of the power source. Instead of the standard 2 fans, NZXT decided to use a single 120mm fan to cool this monster, if this is going to be an issue we will soon see.


Doesn’t get much easier than this to install your new power center. Simply unplug, and unscrew the old one, and screw in this new one, then rewire accordingly. Using the standard 4 screw pattern, you will need to hold onto the power source while fitting the first couple screws. After you have it secured to the chassis, you can simply route the wires, and then plug it into your devices, and you are once again ready to roll.


AC Input Range 115/230 Vac
Frequency 60/50 Hz
Inrush Current 30A/115Vac, 60A/230Vac

DC Output Voltage Regulation Max. Current Total & Combined
+12V1DC +/- 5% 20A 528W 630W
+12V2DC +/- 5% 20A  
+5VDC +/- 5% 30A 170W
+3.3VDC +/- 5% 24A  
-12VDC +/- 10% 0.5A 20W
+5VDC +/- 5% 3.0A  
-5VDC +/- 10% 0.5A  

Total Power: 650Watts

Efficiency 70% at full load, normal line Minimum 16ms at full load, 115Vac
Hold Up Time Maximum 20ms at full load, normal line
Power Good Minimum 140, 000 Hours at 75% load 25°C ambient
Temperature 0°C-50°C
Storage temperature -40°C – 70°C


Testing Setup

Testing methods

To test this power source I will be gathering the idle voltages, as well as the load voltages, I will gather the loads using two methods. I will gather using first Smart guardian, and then a Digital Multi-meter plugged into a spare Molex. This way I can see if the voltage reported by software is as accurate as what my muly meter is telling me.


To be honest I was a little skeptical when I first received this power source. Not having heard much about this company before, nor really having any experience with their power sources. But once I got it installed and plugged in I was impressed, to say the least. Once I fired this baby up and got down in the dirt, then it really started to shine, showing little or no power fluctuations at all when switching between idle and load was a very good bonus! Prior to receiving this power source I have been using an Enermax 600Watt noisetaker power source. This NZXT runs much cooler, if a smidge louder than my Enermax did, but for the temperature difference i'm willing to put up with a slight amount of sound. For a company that is just starting to delve into the power source line, this is definitely a contender in the high end market, so if your looking for something with a lot of kick, then this is the power source for you!