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NZXT TEMPEST EVO Computer Case Review

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The NZXT Tempest EVO is not just a simple paint job and repackaging of a popular product. NZXT really took their time in deciding which features would be the most beneficial to add, subtract or even keep the same. NZXT has recreated a case that not only keeps the positive aspects of its predecessor, but manages to surpass it in many ways. One such way is the improved air flow. This is in part due to the new blade design of the six included case fans, which were an improvement over the original Tempest. The exceptional cooling was able to drop my processor's temperature down 3C over the competition, helping it stay below the maximum rated temperature of 62C. Another improved feature is the cable management. The original Tempest had physical features that could be limiting while trying to hide cables, and some of the cable management options just just unusable. The EVO has really enhanced the cable routing by giving more room in the side panel, adding rubber covers over the cable management holes and, of course, painting the interior a solid black which really helps the cables blend into the case. Some new features also included in the EVO are four large water cooling holes, CPU back-plate access, better PSU cooling, vented rear expansion covers, and a tinted side window. All of these new features really add to the overall quality of the case and make the $99.99 price tag a great value.

While the Tempest EVO has made great improvements, I did still run into a few small issues. One such issue dealt with the cable management holes, every large cable put though the holes would bend the rubber cover in and knock it out of position. The cover was just not secure enough to hold in place when heavy cables were pushed through. Next issue dealt with the new fans. The new blade design did manage to produce better airflow throughout the case they also seem to produce more noise than the previous included fans. Like stated before, they were not at a bothersome level, but they can be heard. The last thing is not a problem with the case, but it would have been nice to get a tool-less mount for installing SSDs into the hard drive bays. Overall, I have to say that the NZXT Tempest EVO is a very well executed upgrade over the original design and one that I highly recommend to anyone looking for a mid-sized case.



  • Sleek design
  • Great airflow
  • Solid black interior
  • Price
  • Decent cable managment
  • Bottom mounted PSU
  • Large CPU backplate access area
  • Six included case fans
  • Liquid cooling ready



  • Cable managment covers come off easily
  • No SSD mounting kit
  • A bit noisy
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