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NZXT Tempest Review



NZXT claims the Tempest is the "Airflow King", so in-case temperatures should give other cases a run for their money. I am going to record the operating temperatures while idle and at load for the CPU, chipset, hard drive, and video card. To create a full load, I'll use OCCT to push the CPU, chipset, and the memory, 3DMark06 for the video card, and HDTune for the hard drive. To measure the temperatures I'll CoreTemp, SpeedFan and HDTune's hard drive temperature reading. I also want to see how the Tempest stands up to other cases on the market, so I will be comparing its test results to those of the Thermaltake Armor+, Enermax Uber Chakra, and the Sigma Unicorn. All systems will have the same hardware setup, and all hardware will be run at stock speeds, voltage, and timings.



Comparison Cases:












The Tempest did slightly better than the others in the CPU cooling test, and gave an average performance in the chipset test. The graphics card in the Tempest was a little hotter, since the side fan is only 120mm - instead of the 230mm fan in the Armor+. The Tempest's real beauty came in cooling the hard drives - the 120mm fans on the drive cages kept them cooler than in any other case tested. Overall, the temperatures were pretty good for a beasty system like this.

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