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NZXT Tempest Review



Closer Look:

Once we get the Tempest unwrapped and out of its shell, you can see the beauty of the "Airflow King". The Tempest has an all black finish and is made of steel, with the top and the front made from plastic. The front sports nine drive bay covers that protect the innards from dust. The side of the Tempest has a trapezoid-shaped window with a 120mm blue LED intake fan, which allows you to show off your pride and joy. The back of the case has another 120mm exhaust fan, seven expansion slots, ventilation holes, a PSU slot and two holes with rubber gaskets for an external liquid cooling setup.
















Moving up to the top of the Tempest, you'll notice something that will catch your eye - there are two 140mm exhaust fans here to whisk the hot air out of the case and keep those critical components cooler. Also on the top of the case are the Power and Reset buttons, two USB 2.0 ports, audio ports, and eSATA port. It's nice to see the inclusion of the eSATA port, since it is becoming a standard for external hard drives these days. Your motherboard does not need an eSATA port to use this feature, as it connects with a bridge from a standard SATA port on the board.




The front of the case can be completely removed to access the area behind it. As I mentioned before, each drive bay cover has a dust filter installed, which can be removed for access or to clean the filters. The covers easily pop out and back into place with little force; the filters are attached to the front panel covers, and are not removable.



Behind the front panel, there are two 120mm blue LED fans attached to the case. The fans also have their own removable dust covers to keep the inside of the case clean. The fans just slide out, and then back in for operation. These fans supply cool air that blows over the hard drives and into the case, to help achieve maximum cooling. If needed, the cage covers and fans can be removed via a few screws.



The hard drive and power LEDs are unique to the Tempest. The power LEDs are two pillars that run down the front of the case and glow blue when the system is turned on, while the hard drive LED is on the side of the case near the bottom, and flashes green when the hard disk is being accessed.


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