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NZXT Sentry LX Fan Controller Review

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The NZXT Sentry LX is a nice tool to add to your air cooling system, and it allows you to get the most out of your fans. When it's time to keep your components cool during a gaming session, it speeds up the fans. When it's time to read an e-book, and the PC is idling, it slows the fans down to reduce noise. Moreover, it displays up to five temperatures, directly on your case's drive bays, which is very useful.

Compared to its predecessor the Sentry 1, the LX can control three more fans and gather two more temperature readings. It's a good thing, because nowadays, cases tend to have more and more fans. The fact that it occupies two drive bays instead of one allows for a bigger screen to display all of the information at the same time. So you don't need to push any buttons to see the information you want, something that you needed to do with the Sentry 1.

I was also very impressed by the accuracy of its temperature readings. Not only is it as accurate as a good old alcohol thermometer, it also meant that the changes in temperatures are detected instantly. Seeing these results, I can't do anything else but trust the readings shown by the NZXT Sentry's display screen. I will even use it to gather the room temperature for my next reviews.

However, the fact that you can only connect 3-pin fans is very disappointing, and it is by far its biggest con. Adapters could have been supplied to fix that, at an added cost, of course. There's also the non-existent fan disconnection alarm, which turned out to be for the temperature probes. It is written in the user's manual that it rings if a fan is disconnected! So we have here either a conception or manual error (note the online manual corrects this issue). Even with these cons, the Sentry LX is still an amazing product. I would still feel comfortable recommending it to everyone who wants to control their air cooled system, and to watch their temperatures. What self respecting overclocker does not do that?



  • Can control up to five fans
  • Gathers temperatures from up to five probes
  • Very accurate
  • Nice design and appearance
  • Ease of use
  • Unused wires can be disconnected
  • Auto and Manual control



  • Screws not provided
  • Only 3-pin fans can be used
  • LCD angle view impedes readability
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