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NZXT Sentry Temperature Controller

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The first thing that I did to install the Sentry, was to disconnect the thermocouple wiring harness from the rest of the front end.  This helped me to keep wires unrestricted as I installed the temperature probes into the different locations.


To start, I will install the probe for the CPU.  This one can be a little tricky, so be warned.  You must never put anything between the heat sink and the processor, or you’ll probably end up with a fried CPU.  The probe is to be installed on the side of the CPU heat spreader again make sure that no part of the probe gets in between the CPU and heat sink.

Next, for the system temperature I will use the actual Northbridge temperature.  However, I don’t want to just tape the probe to the side of the chip, so I will insert the probe into the heat sink.  The stock heat sink on this motherboard has an airspace inside to accommodate the heat tube.  It seems as good a place as any to check the temperature and may even be more accurate, as it is right on top of the chip.

Finally, I will install the probe for the hard disk drive.  Just tape the probe onto the outside of the HDD.  Near the center should give us a pretty good indication of temperature.

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