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NZXT M59 - 001BK Review

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Closer Look:

So let's take an ever closer look at this case. So here I have my first ever case with a side panel window. Yet, of all of the cases I've reviewed so far only one had a window which was mesh.  This one actually has a clear acrylic window with a side fan in it. This actually surprises me. Mostly because this is marketed as a budget case. I actually have to wonder how they are making a profit with all the features that are stuffed into it. Another great feature they packed into this case honestly would have to be the ability to do a top rad mount of either two 120mm fans or two 140mm fans. Of course you could also have two fans there for an air cooling setup as well















Not much to see on the other side but I can say I have heard cases do exist where you cannot remove the one side panel. As you can see here so far it seems that NZXT hasn't gone cheap on anything. On the back you'll notice yet another case is following the trend of having PSUs mount on the bottom of the case. You'll also see there is a rear 120mm fan also a standard on many cases. Above that fan there are two gromits for a radiator mount on the top of the case. I think it is great that a case in this price range can even support watercooling as well as this maddening number of fans.



Finally we move onto the stylish front. Again they could have made it something generic but instead made it look stylish. Also featured on the front is a bar that lights up. If you look in the upper portion above the top 5.25 bay you can see the bar wrapping around. Of course featured on the front are your typical front panel features. Also, going with new trends, NZXT added on eSATA. They also have on front panel audio and two USB ports. In the front is an accomidation for a 120mm fan, however, NZXT only provides a side 120mm intake and 120mm exhaust in the rear. If you look closely at the first picture and I do mean closely, click on the image as there is no way to tell in the thumbnail, you can see there are a total of four 5.25" drive bays. The first of which NZXT provides a drive cover for that can be removed. But it was not possible to make my drive fit flush with the rest of the exterior when setup this way.



Well for a budget case so far so good. It doesn't appear as though NZXT skimped on anything here. Lets take a closer look at the guts of this case then shall we?

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