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NZXT Gamma Review

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As a case designed to fit in the sub $50 market, the NZXT Gamma will fit the bill for a stylish, low-cost case. The all black theme, that is popular right now, is a point of difference between cases, as not all manufacturers paint the inside of the chassis. There are enough drive bays to keep the majority of people happy. While space is at a premium with large heatsinks, they can be installed. The Gamma also is designed to use video cards up to 10 inches in length, so the majority of the cards out right now will fit. Of course, the new behemoths from ATI will definitely need some persuasion and some modification to make them fit. When it comes to wire management, NZXT has provided knockouts in the motherboard tray that interconnect via a channel in the tray. There is not a whole lot of room, but the 24-pin ATX connector and PCIe video card power cable should surely go through. As a sub $50 dollar case, you can imagine that costs had to be cut somewhere. That somewhere is the amount of fans provided with the Gamma. A solitary 120MM fan is mounted in the rear of the case. You could mount this one up front and use the PSU fan as your exhaust to draw more air through the case and bring down the temperatures. But, on the other hand, you have room for five more fans. This case is water cooling ready, with the two knockouts right above the rear fan. By putting the radiator out back, you are not pushing warm air into the case to increase component's temperatures; this is a nice touch. The large hole in the motherboard tray means that if you use a large heatsink with a backplate or a water block, you do not have to remove the motherboard to do so. That feature alone is worth its weight in gold. While the amount of fans is a little disappointing, it's the little touches like the filter for the power supply intake (if you choose to mount it so it pulls in fresh air to keep it operating cooler), that set this case apart from others. For a $49 case, NZXT has a bundle of usable features that can provide you with a good solid build and allow you to spend some money on the high performance parts that really matter. Good looks, NZXT quality, and great features are all in this economical package.



  • All black
  • Many drive bays to use
  • Can have up to six fans installed
  • Decent wire management
  • Knockouts for wiring in motherboard tray
  • Great low price
  • Water cooling ready
  • Air filter for PSU intake
  • Heatsink backplate access



  • Wire management could be improved if there was more space behind tray
  • Although you can have six fans it only comes with one fan
  • Can't have a top panel fan and a large heatsink in push pull config
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