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NZXT Bunker Review

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The NZXT Bunker is the first of its kind and it starts off with a good impression. The idea behind the Bunker is solid enough, but, two glaring flaws make it rather useless on its own.

First of all, the nut holding the locking latch in place is easily removable, and after that's removed the latch comes off without a problem. This means that no key is necessary to unplug and remove any devices connected to the Bunker. On a similar note, the faceplate is also removable without any tools. Unfortunately, the door and lock are both connected to the faceplate, so removal of the faceplate also means that no key is needed to unplug and remove any attached devices. Although both of these facts might come in handy if both keys are lost, for something aimed at preventing theft, circumventing the 'security' is dreadfully easy.

Ultimately, although I understand the purpose of the Bunker, and I can imagine the situations where this might be useful, I can't imagine those situations happening so often as to warrant a purchase. LAN parties should have more than enough people around to dissuade anyone but close friends from bothering your rig, and really, taking the entire rig would be much more useful and indeed more likely than snagging a mouse or keyboard. Living in a dorm might make this a useful purchase if you don't trust your room mate(s) or any of the people they might bring over, however, if that's the case, might I suggest talking to your room mate? The Bunker is something you have to decide is worthwhile. If there's a thievery problem in your dorm or with your room mates, the Bunker would be an interim , and should certainly be used in conjunction with side panel locks whether or not access to tools is available, if it is to be of any use.

Unfortunately, for the Bunker to do what it's supposed to do requires the purchase of additional locks to prevent the theft of itself, and possibly a new case if it lacks support for locking the side panels. Because of its two glaring flaws, I cannot recommend the Bunker for purchase at any price point. For this judgment to change, NZXT must at least cover the locking mechanism and make the faceplate permanent.



  • It works...sort of


  • Absurdly easy to unlock/remove devices without a key
  • Requires additional purchase(s) to be worthwhile
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