NZXT Apollo Case Review

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Reviewed on: July 18, 2006
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Houston, we are GO, I repeat, we are GO for liftoff in T-minus 10�. 9� 8� if this gets you thinking of space, or some of the original space missions, then we are both on the same page. The accurately named Apollo line of cases from NZXT is just that, something from space. Looking like it came straight out of a science fiction movie; this case is guaranteed to turn heads in the office or at home. Being Founded in early 2004, NZXT is a company founded and led by gamers, for gamers. Their latest case in an already awesome lineup, the Apollo is sure not to disappoint.

Closer Look
When the delivery truck pulled up and unloaded this mother of a box, I was a little shocked, and was left wondering �how big is this thing?�

Cracking this box open and sliding out the contents, out popped the Apollo case in its fancy box.


Having A picture of the case, as well as a picture of a space background, on this box is sure to grab your eye.


Opening up the actual retail box, there is the case tucked into the standard plastic bag, along with the Styrofoam end caps.

Closer Look
Removing the packaging materials, I was finally awarded an unobstructed view of the Apollo. Also When I slid the case out, a poster of the product came out as well! (not shown) This was a bonus as it is a fairly nice looking poster, and I like space, so there is definitely a spot on my wall for this baby. First impression of this case was simply �wow�. Coming with a door to cover the 5.25" bays, I noticed that it opens the opposite compared to most doors on cases, that being from the left. The front hookups (USB. Audio, etc) are not front mounted but instead are on the side of the case. Stylish front intakes are on each side of the front of this case.



Coming with a standard full side window is a nice addition as well. The side panel also has the ability to mount a 120mm fan in the side window. Opening up the case and removing the box of supplied hardware, as well as the instructions, I was rewarded by seeing the means of fastening all your hardware without tools! (Except the motherboard)



This is bound to make life easier when I am constantly swapping parts in and out of the case. This case uses all 120mm fans for cooling, which provide superior airflow at little to no noise. Being a full tower case, there is lots of room for water cooling, or lots of hardware. Installation
Installing your hardware in this case takes on a new twist, as NZXT threw in the addition of a tool less design. All that you are required to actually screw down if is your motherboard and Power Supply. After those are installed, put your screwdrivers and socket drivers away!

Simply slide your drives into the bays and then slide the lock to the �closed� position, which will secure all of your hardware. First thing I installed, like in any new case, is the power supply. Using the standard four screws, this is just like installing a normal power supply. Next came the motherboard. Align the standoffs in the correct position, dropping the motherboard in, and secure it with the supplied hardware. Something to note, the onboard Karajan Audio module on my DFI motherboard did not clear with the rear 120mm fan on this case. This was fixed by taking the fan out and cutting a small notch in it so that the Audio PCB could clear. Next came the optical and hard drives. Pop the quick release tabs into your hard drive, slide them into the slots and snap the locks closed. And last but not least, my video card. Open the quick release, snap my card in, then lock it in place with the snap on. Installation was a breeze, and left me feeling my card was nice and safe.


Only thing left to do is wire this baby up. After checking my mounting and wiring job twice, it is now time to fire this computer up in its new home.

Model Apollo
Case Type Mid Tower Full Size Steel Chassis
Cooling System Front 1x120mm (Optional)
Rear 1x120mm FAN
Side Panel 1x120mm Blue LED
Drive Bays 10 Drive Bays
5 External 5.25�
1 External 3.5�
4 Internal 3.5�
Screw less Rail Design
Material(s) SECC Steel Chassis
Expansion Slots 7
Power Supply 400 Watt PS2 ATX 12V (Optional)
Weight 7.2Kgs (No Power Supply)
Motherboard Support Motherboards: ATX, Micro-ATX, Baby ATX
Test Setup

In testing this case, I will gather the temps, as well as submit my desk to a variety of bumps and jiggles. After moving my computer from the Antec Sonata 2 into this case, I was amazed at how much space there actually was in this thing. It also could be due to the fact that I was used to my mid tower chassis, not a larger case such as the Apollo. The idle temperature in this case was within 2�C of the Sonata (could be due to ambient) but the Load temps did drop the CPU from 38�C down to 35�C, as well as a nice drop on the chipset from 48�C down to 44�C. I think that this is because of the cleverly placed 120mm side panel fan that comes with this case (which is also a nice Teal color). When looking at a case, I also like to judge how stable it is. To test this, I set the computer on top of my desk, and make a series of bumps, joshes, and jiggles against my desk. And for being a larger tower, this case is remarkably stable. No matter how hard I banged against this desk, I could not get the case to rock, or even move much for that matter.

Bringing some new ideas, as well as looks, to the playing field, NZXT has hit the nail on the head with this new Apollo. This case comes packed with stunning looks, killer cooling, and peace of mind. Coupling the near tool less design with the cooling capacity of a monster, makes for a killer combination. If you are looking for a case that is quick and easy to setup, and provides great cooling, then the NZXT Apollo is definitely the case for you. Providing the perfect merging of style and performance that we are all looking for in a case, this Apollo covers all angles.