Vantec Nexus NXP-205 Variable Fan Controller Review

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Reviewed on: July 31, 2001
Today we'll be taking a look at the Nexus NXP-205 variable fan speed controller. The Nexus NXP-205 is one of the latest offers from Vantec. It features four adjustable fan speed knobs that support up to 18 watts with bright blue LED lights. The NXP-205 is basically the same device as the Nexus NXP-201 but the NXP-205 is a much smaller footprint. What I mean by footprint is that the NXP-205 fits in your floppy bay (3.5" Drive Bay) while the NXP-201 mounted in your 5.25" Drive Bay. Can we find anything that has been changed on the NXP-205, besides the size of it? Lets find out!


Input Voltage


Output Voltage

7V - 12V

Output Current

Up to 1.5A

Outline Dimension

148.5 x 41.5 x 62.5mm



  • 4 Channel Fan Controller
  • Adjustable Fan Speed Knob
  • Aluminum "U" Type Housing
  • Blue LED Light  
  • Each Channel Will Support 15 to 18 Watts
  • Fits In A Standard 5.25' Drive Bay.
  • No Need to Cut Wires Like Other Fan Controller. Just Plug The Cable In.

What's Included
  • (1) NXP-205 Fan Controller
  • (4) Screws
  • (4) Fan connectors
  • (1) Power connector

Closer Look
Like the NXP-205's older brother, the NXP-205 comes in two colors; Black & Silver. I prefer the silver one because I have an Aluminum Lian Li case, and the silver one matches very well with the Aluminum of my case. On the front of the NXP-205 you'll notice a ring around each of the four knobs. This ring actually lights up bright blue when the unit is turned on. I really wish that they would bright and dim depending on if you have knob turned to the low or high setting, but it doesn't.

On the back of the NXP-205 you'll find four 3-pin fan connectors and one 4-pin molex connector. Each of the four 3-pin connectors are numbered, one through four and they match the sequence of the knobs on the front of the NXP-205 (that are also numbered). I thought it was a good idea that Vantec had, to make the fan connectors sit on the printer circuit board horizontal rather than vertical to help save space and cut down on wire clutter.

I originally started installing it by connecting all of the wires to the NXP-205 then mounting the NXP-205 in to my drive bay. This was harder to do because all of the wires got tangled up and stuck in the drive bay. I found it easier to plug one of the connectors on the NXP-205 first, then run that wire through the 3.5" Drive bay and then lastly plug it in the fan of your choice. After that run the remaining of the wires the same way. Then run the 4-pin connector (the power plug) through the drive bay and connect it to your power supply. Finally mount the NXP-205 in your drive bay and secure it with the provided four screws.

Here are some pictures of the NXP-205 installed in my Lian Li case. I think it makes my case look more complete


The NXP-205 was extremely easy to install, for a fan controller that is. I remember a couple of years ago when I made my last homemade Baybus, I had to cut the connectors off of my fans, and solder them to the wires that went to the bay bus. Vantec makes it easy for us to just plug them up, and it doesn't matter if your fans have 4-pin connectors or 3-pin connectors because the NXP-205 supports both of them. The Vantec NXP-205 can also handle some powerful fans! I hooked up my Vantec Tornado to the NXP-205 and it's working without any problems. Even though I have never had a Nexus NXP-201 (The 5.25" version) I would much rather have the NXP-205 because it takes up an unneeded 3.5" drive bay that I will never use. The only feature I wish the Nexus NXP-201 had is variable LED brightness to work side by side with the variable knobs. (i.e. The LED gets brighter when the knob is cranked up higher). Also it would of been a nice touch if they would have added a toggle switch to turn off the LED lights. I guess that just leaves us something to mod for later :) I would recommend the NXP-201 to anyone that is seeking a sleek fan controller that doesn't take up one of your 5.25" drive bays.


  • Bright Blue LED's
  • Able to adjust individual fans
  • Small (Only takes up one 3.5" drive bay)
  • Can handle up to 18 watts per channel
  • Easy to install


  • The LED's don't brighten or dim