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Nvidia GTX 295 Review

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At OverclockersClub.com, we use a set of benchmarks to stress the graphics card. We will use a series of gaming benchmarks, some that are more seasoned, to show how well the GTX 295 really compares to some of the other enthusiast video cards on the market. I will be using both single and multiple GPU models to compare the performance of the GTX 295. All driver settings and clock speeds will be left at factory defaults for both the CPU and GPU in an effort to minimize or eliminate any variables that could impact the results. The test system used in this review is listed below. After testing the card at stock speeds, I'll overclock it to see what kind of performance can be gained. In the Past our test systems have been run at the default clock speeds of the installed processor but with the latest video cards, showing little improvement when run with the CPU and memory at the stock settings. We have done just we should have a while back. That is to overclock our processor to a safe achievable overclock with our new test setup. Going forward all of the testing will be run on this platform. The Processor is an Intel Core I7 920 that has had a little bump up to 3.0GHz with 6 gigabytes of system memory. All testing is done with the default settings in the respective control panels. For this round of testing, our drivers have been updated to 180.87 for the Nvidia cards and Catalyst 8.12 for the ATI video cards used in this review. The exception being the testing done with the GTX295 that is using the latest 181.20 driver.


If you would like to take a look at the results for this card using the old system setup, the Intel Core2 Q9450, you can take a look at the Nvidia GTX 295 Performance Preview


Comparison Video Cards:



Overclocked settings:

  • Nvidia GTX 295  683/1197

Just because there are two cores does not mean that overclocking the GTX 295 is any harder than overclocking a single GPU core video card. The stock clocks of 576MHz on the GPU cores and 1000Mhz on the memory were easily exceeded by a large margin. I just kept bumping the core and memory clocks up until I showed some visual artifacts and then backed it down until these were gone. I was able to reach 683 MHz on the core and 1197MHz on the memory. These represent overclocks of 20% on the GPU cores and 25% on the memory at 107MHz on the GPU cores and 198MHz on the memory. Both pretty sick on air.

  • Video:
  1. Far Cry 2
  2. Crysis Warhead
  3. BioShock
  4. Call of Duty World at War
  5. Dead Space
  6. Fallout 3
  7. Left For Dead
  8. 3DMark 06 Professional
  9. 3DMark Vantage



Unfortunately our testing at 2560x1600 was not accomplished in time for this review. The monitor was setup and ready to go when I powered it up she was just a kaleidoscope of colors. The monitor appeared to have had a nice bit of hidden damage in shipping and was just not replaced in time for this article. Look for a followup with testing at 2560x1600.


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