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NVIDIA Geforce GTX 570 Review

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The GTX 570 is a deserving successor to the GTX 470 with performance that crushes the HD 5870 in just about every game test run. In 34 out of 36 tests, the HD 5870 is outperformed by the GTX 570. The only tests where the HD 5870 beats the GTX 570 are the power consumption tests, where its lead is a scant 5 watts under load, with a 10 watt differential at idle. NVIDIA is getting closer to leveling the field in the power consumption testing. When you make the performance comparison to the GTX 480, the GTX 570 fills the void left by the GTX 480 at a more attractive price point of $349. In 21 out of 36 game tests, the GTX 570 is equal to or better than the less than one year old GTX 480. It easily beats it in the power consumption and thermal tests, so there is really no need to head for the GTX 480 when you can get comparable performance with the GTX 570 at that lower price point. Now, when it came to overclocking this sample, I have to say I was disappointed in the fact that I could only manage to pull roughly a 7% increase on the GF 110 core with a bump to 785MHz. The memory was just as unforgiving with an increase of just over 6% (63MHz to 1013MHz). The amount of headroom was pretty slim, but even so, the increases in clock speed did show measurable increases in performance. Will the overhead be this slim on all the GTX 570s? I doubt it, and it should improve once the commonly used tools to over-volt the core become available for use by the public. As an example, the ASUS GTX 580 rocketed all the way up to 962MHz on the core with a little bit of voltage love, so the cards seem responsive to the additional voltage.

Knowing now how the GTX 570 performs means you are able to take advantage of its strengths and leverage them to get the graphics performance you need. This graphics horsepower gives you the ability to take advantage of the rest of the NVIDIA ecosystem, including 3D Vision and 3D Surround, while enabling PhysX in games so you get all the eye candy. This one-two punch from NVIDIA has brought a new level of performance and pricing right in the heat of the holiday buying season. Now all we have left is to see what the response will be from the AMD team. With delays there are always concerns, but let's see how this shakes out. As it sits right here, right now, NVIDIA is sitting in the driver's seat.



  • Runs cool
  • Quiet
  • More efficient
  • Excellent performance in its class
  • PhysX support
  • 3DVison and Surround Support
  • HDMI 1.4
  • 3D Blue-ray Support
  • Pricing



  • Overclocking (This Sample)


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