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Nvidia Geforce 3D Vision Review

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What better excuse do you need to spend some time gaming in front of the computer than to test out the 3D Vision system. The only way to test a product such as this is to simply dig in and play games to find out just what they have to offer in the way of immersion, as well as the performance of the system. To do just this I will play a selection of games that have had profiles predefined for them, ranging from 1 being the least immersive and 3 being the most immersive. To test out this set of games I will be using the standard Overclockersclub test rig to see just how the 3D Vision set up works.

Test setup:


First off there is no loading up additional software for the setup of the 3D Vision system. After the driver setup I completed the installation of the IR Emitter in less than a minute. Then I got to playing several games to see just how the experience was.


Call Of Duty 4:

I started out playing just my normal benchmarking run through the map and found the experience to be quite different from what I normally see. When the goggles become active they darken slightly so that the screen itself is darker (just as if the lights were turned off). Playing a couple of rounds I decided to turn the lights up in the room and the images cleared up and the 3D effect with the as delivered preset worked quite well. The image of the character played is much clearer in relation to playing without the 3D Vision goggles. Even though the game rating is a one on Nvidias scale the game was more enjoyable. I did not notice any issues with the in game cursor, which was something alluded to in some documentation.


Left 4 Dead:

In Left 4 Dead I played through all four of the single player missions and found that the 3D effect offered something new to the game. While it took a little while to get used to the effect it makes you feel a little closer to the action. Again the 3D Vision got you closer to a real 3D experience. This game ranks a 1 on Nvidias scale of games that in their estimation are not the best to check the system out on.


Dead Space:

This game rates a 3 on the scale of games that show the 3D Vision technology in the best light. As good as Left 4 Dead looked, Dead Space looks phenomenal when coupled with the 3D technology. It brought in some additional crispness to the character while allowing the background and character Isaac to separate and become more than just an image on the screen.


Call of Duty WaW

As enthralling as this game is when viewed in 2D mode it really comes to life for me in 3D. The flames and effects are just great. I played the pacific mission through to the Peliliu campagn and was captivated the whole way through. I found myself replaying scenes to catch something a second time.


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look: 3D Vision hardware
  3. Closer Look: Drivers and Programs
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing: Setup
  6. Conclusion
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