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Noctua NC-U6 Chipset Cooler



To test this heatsink, I have chosen to use the NC-U6 on what is arguably one of if not the hottest chipset in today's crop of performance motherboards - the RD600 on the ICFX3200T2R/g. I will be comparing idle and load temperatures against both the stock passive cooling solution and the Swiftech MCX-159cu, to see how well the NC-U6 performs. The test procedure will consist of 30 minutes of no activity and then 1 hour of load testing using the console version of the Folding at Home SMP client, to produce a 100 percent load. The thermal grease used for each test will be Arctic Silver Ceramique, with the exception being the stock heatsink. Many will concede the fact that temperature monitoring programs are inaccurate. While that may be true, the results I will use are pulled from the Smart Guardian monitoring program, that DFI included with the motherboard driver and application CD. This way, the results are comparable across all 3 heatsinks. The room temperature that the test computer resides in, stayed in the 74 to 77 degree Fahrenheit range throughout the testing time-line.

Testing Setup:

  • Processor: Intel E6600  370x9
  • Motherboard: DFI ICFX 3200 T2R/g
  • Ram: OCZ PC6400 Platinum revision 1 5-5-5-15
  • Video Card: BFG 7900GT OC
  • OCZ  PowerStream  520 SLI
  • Hard Drive: Seagate 120gb SATA  X 2 in Raid 0
  • Optical Drives: Plextor PX755a
  • Operating System: Windows XP SP2

Now let's see if the NC-U6 can perform as well as, or better than the competition. Results will be displayed in degrees Celcius.

Lower is Better

Lower is Better

It looks like the NC-U6 took on one of the best chipset heatsinks on the market and beat it soundly.

  1. Introduction: Closer Look
  2. Closer Look: Continued
  3. Installation: Specifications
  4. Testing:
  5. Conclusion:
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