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Noctua NC-U6 Chipset Cooler



Installation of the cooler was a very straight-forward experience. The first order of business, is to remove the old chipset heatsink. After removing the heatsink, you will need to remove all of the old thermal grease or thermal pad from the chipset. When you are done, you should have a clean chipset ready to have a new cooler installed. After clean-up, I put a thin layer of thermal grease (Arctic silver Ceramique in this instance), onto the chipset only. I then installed the foam spacer on the heatsink, to prevent damaging any of the small capacitors on the chipset.


The motherboard I am using in this review, uses the clip-on style bracket to mount the heatsink. To install the heatsink, the mounting bracket is attached loosely to the heatsink and then the heatsink is installed into position. Make sure there is clearance for the mounting position you will use, press down on one side of the clip at a time and insert under the motherboard hooks. Clearance issues with a large heatsink should not pose any problems based on my testing rig. Tighten the mounting screw holding the mount to the cooler and you are ready to see what kind of  temperature decrease we can achieve.


2 Heatpipe Chipset cooler
85 mm x 70.0 mm x 33.0 mm
130 grams
Mounting Type
Push Pin or Hook Mounting
6 Years


  • Copper/Aluminum construction
  • Soldered Joints
  • Dual Heatpipes
  • Silent Cooling
  • 29 aluminum fins

  1. Introduction: Closer Look
  2. Closer Look: Continued
  3. Installation: Specifications
  4. Testing:
  5. Conclusion:
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