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NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400Gb MCP Preview


nForce UDA Package

NVIDIA Firewall

If you do not like any other default profiles, you may even setup a "custom" profile. This allows you to adjust several settings, but you should know a lot about the TCP/IP stack if you want to go that route.

One feature I like is the graphical statistics that the NAM can generate on-the-fly. For example, on this screen it shows us how many packets has been sent and received. It also shows how many errors has been sent or received. This is helpful to troubleshoot your Ethernet connection.

The main feature of the NAM is the firewall. The firewall can be setup in such a way that you'll never need to touch it again or it can be setup to suite your custom needs. The firewall basic configuration screen allows you to set basic profiles to suite your needs. The default and recommended profile is, "Medium". This profile will keep your system protected, but will not make your system "invisible" to the Internet. The "High" setting will make your system "invisible" on the Internet. When I say "Invisible" I mean if someone probes your machine, your machine will not respond even if the requested port is open or not. Your machine will simply not respond at all to their request.

There is even a "Firewall Wizard" that can take you through the firewall configurations, step-by-step. For example, if you wanted to setup a Game Server you can click on the Game Server wizard and it will walk you through the process to setup your specific game server.

  1. Introduction & Chipset
  2. UDA Package & System Utility
  3. NVMixer
  4. NVIDIA Firewall
  5. NVIDIA Firewall (Continued)
  6. NVIDIA Firewall (Continued)
  7. Benchmarks: SiSoft Sandra & 3DMark01
  8. Benchmarks: Far Cry & UT2K4
  9. Benchmarks: HDTach & Conclusion
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