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NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400Gb MCP Preview


nForce UDA Package


To control all of the audio settings, NVIDIA has included a tool called NVMixer. NVIDIA has done away with a lot of the advanced audio features like digital or analog. They made some changes to make installing multiple speaker systems less of a pain for less advanced users. With the new speaker setup wizard, installing 5.1 surround sound is a breeze for any user. With just a few clicks you can have 5.1 sound up and running without any problems.


The NVMixer has a handy easy to use interface to control the volume of each speaker using 2 speaker setups all the way up to 5.1 surround sound. This makes finding the sweet spot very easy to accomplish. Under any surround sound mode you have control of the LFE frequency crossover and encoding options such as delay. You also have a graphic equalizer ranging from 63hz to 16khz.


As mentioned earlier we had audio problems and could not accurately test the environmental sound settings. Hopefully when we have our hands on a retail board we can report back on this feature. Lastly, we have a page of information with all you need to know about your audio configuration. This page actually came in handy at troubleshooting our sound issues. We could verify the computer was processing the audio as the spectrum analyzer and VU meter was displaying audio output. The Spectrum analyzer and VU meters are displayed in every NVMixer window.

  1. Introduction & Chipset
  2. UDA Package & System Utility
  3. NVMixer
  4. NVIDIA Firewall
  5. NVIDIA Firewall (Continued)
  6. NVIDIA Firewall (Continued)
  7. Benchmarks: SiSoft Sandra & 3DMark01
  8. Benchmarks: Far Cry & UT2K4
  9. Benchmarks: HDTach & Conclusion
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