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NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400Gb MCP Preview


nForce UDA Package
NVIDIA has always been known to produce solid unified drivers across multiple GPU’s and chipsets. This has not changed one bit with there new nForce UDA driver package. This time around NVIDIA is adding more compatibility with its system utility, GigE, and firewall.

If you have not already heard from our news today, NVIDIA announced the release of their 4.24 nForce Unified Driver package. The nForce UDA 4.24 package supports the following nForce products, nForce1, nForce2, nForce2 Ultra 400, nForce2 Ultra 400Gb, nForce3 150, and the nForce3 250Gb. The nForce UDA driver package is an all-in-one solution that will provide you with all of the drivers and software you need for your nForce motherboard to operate. Here is the features that can be found in the nForce UDA 4.24 driver package:
  • WHQL certified kit
  • Unified drivers with support for nForce, nForce2, and nForce3 products. This package does not include support for dual-processor systems.
  • General compatibility fixes
  • Audio Driver Improvements      
  • Introduced NVMixer – replaces SoundStorm Control Panel for all audio configuration tasks. Note that NVMixer operates best when run at 1024x768 16-bit color.      
  • Introduced improved AC ’97 / Soft Audio driver – adds EQ, speaker cloning, and speaker wizard support      
  • Introduced Speaker Wizard – incorporates all NVSwap features, ensures correct speaker setup on analog or digital speaker systems      
  • Introduced Cinesurround – virtual 5.1 mixdown to headphones or 2 speakers      
  • Introduced new Environments – simple, preset driven sound environments      
  • Enhanced ASIO support and added support for AC ’97 / Soft Audio systems      
  • Added user adjustable “rear channel creation” support – adds off, clone, reverb and delay      
  • Added support for Realtek ALC655 codecs, Realtek ALC658 codecs, and 7.1 support for Realtek ALC850 codecs      
  • Added support for WMV-HD audio streams and WaveFormatExtensible calls      
  • Improved playback of mono content      
  • Addressed audio issues in numerous games and applications

    Windows XP/2K Only Features:
  • Support for Serial ATA controllers
  • Full NVIDIA RAID functionality on supported platforms
  • Improved compatibility with 3rd-party drive management, CD ripping and recording software.
  • Automatic DMA-mode fall-back when data errors are present due to poor cabling
  • Improved handling of various storage devices

    System Utility


    The NVIDIA System Utility has been around for a while now, but an updated version of the System Utility software along with an nForce2 Ultra 400Gb you will not want to be with out this little gem of a program. The overclocking and system control features built into the System utility is amazing. In one place you have control over virtually every tool needed to overclock, with options ranging from FSB speed and multiplier to CAS latency and chipset voltage. The reference board was a little buggy, but we are using a early BIOS and a few settings wouldn’t work such as chipset voltage, and multiplier, but FSB overclocking and changing CAS latencies on the fly was great. Unfortunately our reference board BIOS did not have any voltage options or multiplier adjustments, so the functionality was very limited. I expect this to not be a problem with retail boards. With NVIDIA working on future revisions of the system utility offering more stability, BIOS overclocking might become a thing of the past.

    1. Introduction & Chipset
    2. UDA Package & System Utility
    3. NVMixer
    4. NVIDIA Firewall
    5. NVIDIA Firewall (Continued)
    6. NVIDIA Firewall (Continued)
    7. Benchmarks: SiSoft Sandra & 3DMark01
    8. Benchmarks: Far Cry & UT2K4
    9. Benchmarks: HDTach & Conclusion
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