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MyFlash Fingerprint Disk FP1 Review



When viewed simply as a flash drive, the MyFlash FP1 appeared excellent. It is compact and looks nice. When you include the other features, such as the email and password functions, it seems even better. Throw in the security of fingerprint recognition, and this device had the potential to be hands-down my new favorite gadget. When it was working, it made a great conversation piece, as most people can’t believe that fingerprint recognition could fit into something so compact, and everyone wants to know how well it works.   
Well, I will tell you how well it works. Or, at least, how it WORKED. For the average person who simply wants to save their passwords and keep some files and photos safe from prying eyes, it was pretty good. It is extremely easy to use, along with all the included features. It has more storage space than the first five computers I ever owned, combined. It works with practically all Windows-based computers. The problem was that it quit working. There is no warranty or contact information in the packaging. There is no online help file that I could find. 
Even if the device continued to work, if you happen to have access to files that would be a threat to National Security if they fell into the wrong hands, I would probably suggest a more secure storage method. It isn’t that I don’t trust the encryption used in this device. It is that I know that with enough time and technology, any security device can be beaten. I simply do not have the time, the money, or knowledge to put toward breaking this encryption. If someone can show me testing data on how secure it is, I may change my mind on it.
The device worked for about 3 months before it died. I am not sure if the issue with it now is a hardware failure, or if the fingerprint sensor got dirty, or if it is a programming issue. We were unable to make contact with anyone that could tell us. It is a shame too, since I was prepared to name this the coolest little must-have gadget of the year. Now it is simply something cool that if you have some extra cash to blow, you may want to invest in as a temporary conversation starter.


  • You can brag that you have more technology in your pocket than many government institutions have access to
  • Up to 2 GB of storage space
  • Included features (email and web browsing) that are not normally included with flash drives
  • Small size, sturdy construction, professional appearance
  • C’mon, it has fingerprint recognition! How cool is that?


  • It quit working
  • There was no product support or warranty. If it dies, you have absolutely no way to access your information
  • Requires installing programs on whatever computer you use it on.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation and Testing
  3. Conclusion
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