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Mushkin Volta 600W Power Supply Review

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Closer Look (The Power Supply):

The Mushkin Enhanced Volta 600W power supply case is painted satin black with a slightly textured finished.










The exhaust grill has probably the largest surface area I have seen on a power supply and should allow for maximum airflow. The back panel also contains the IEC mains input connector, a power on/off switch, a five position miniature slide switch for fan LED color selection (Red, Off, Blue, Off, Green) and a green LED, which lights when the power supply is on. The rear face of the power supply contains the captive cable port (with plastic grommet to prevent cable damage) and modular cable connectors (black for peripheral devices and blue for PCI-E auxiliary power). These connectors are physically identical 8-way connectors with the same key layout, so a little care is needed when inserting the plugs.



There is a Mushkin Enhanced Volta sticker with logo on one side panel and small ventilation slots on the other.



The top face of the power supply carries the specification label, which is basic, but adequate. The cooling fan grill is gloss metallic grey in color with a Mushkin Enhanced logo at its center.



The Mushkin Enhanced Volta 600W power supply carries two captive cables – a 20/24-pin motherboard and a 4+4-pin ATX12V/EPS12V connector. The sleeves on the captive cables are continued into the enclosure, which is nice to see and improves the overall appearance. The modular cables are not bound up with cables ties, which means they are relatively straight and unkinked – a small point I know, but it does help in keeping things a little bit tidier when routing them inside the PC enclosure. There are three different colored plugs, black for peripheral and motherboard, blue for PCI-E, and sky blue for ATX12V/EPS12V.



The 120mm cooling fan is by HS with the model number A1225M12S (which is the same model number as the Thermaltake TT-1225) rated at 12V 0.38A. A small clear plastic baffle has been installed directly behind the fan to divert the cooling to where it is needed. The four wires connecting to the rear panel slide switch control the cooling fan LED color. I couldn't find any specific manufacturer for the printed circuit board in the Mushkin Enhanced 600W power supply, but the layout is tidy and there is plenty of room inside the unit.



The electrolytic capacitors are by Hermei and rated at 105°C, the ones I can see anyway, apart from the main smoothing capacitor, which is rated at 85°C.



The Mushkin Enhanced Volta 600W power supply build quality is excellent with a good set of accessories and sturdy packaging. Nothing else to say really, so let's see how well it performs.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Power Supply)
  3. Specification & Features
  4. Testing: DC Voltage Load Regulation At 110VAC & 230VAC
  5. Testing: Efficiency, Power Factor & DC Quality
  6. Testing: Temperature, Noise Level & Fan Speed
  7. Conclusion
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