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Mushkin XP-800AP 800W Review

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This power supply will make any owner very happy. It provides very stable power and has the connections to power any current system, including ones with multiple graphics card setups. With four PCI-Express connections, a user can power up to four cards with single 6-pin power requirements or two cards with the 6- and 8-pin dual-power requirements. The XP-800AP has an aesthetically pleasing look to it, and the nice green glow from the 135mm fan, which is thermally controlled for quiet operation, makes the inside of the case light up nicely. However, it would have been nice to have options for different LED colors for users with different case setups, or even the option to turn the LED's off, but that is strictly a personal preference. The XP-800AP runs very silent with the included fan, yet still remains cool during operation. The semi-modular system is great for people like me who hate the clutter in their case. When you are pushing your hardware to the limits and creating more heat than normal, the choice of being able to remove unnecessary cables increases the air flow through the case, thus keeping the hardware cooler. In addition, I think Mushkin has hit a homerun with the RailFusion system. This will combine the rails to increase power when it is needed so the system does not bog down. Mushkin also gives users the ability to switch between using all four 12v rails or a single one based on their needs.

The Mushkin XP-800AP may be a little more price-wise than some of its competitors, but remember, you get what you pay for. The quality that went into designing the XP-800AP shows with its features and performance. Mushkin took raw power and performance and placed it into a great looking product for any enthusiast or system builder to be proud of. If you are looking for a power supply that will not let you down, I would strongly recommend the 800W XP-800AP. With a rating of up to 85% efficiency, it has taken the place of my other power supply in my main testing rig to provide me the stability I need while reviewing components. Also, with a five year warranty from Mushkin, you will never have to worry about your system being without the power it needs.



  • Quad and single rail switching
  • Semi-modular system.
  • Enough connections for any system.
  • Supports multiple graphics cards and 8-pin configurations.
  • Runs very silent.
  • Five year warranty.
  • ActivePFC and RailFusion technology.



  • Green LED's on fan may not be for everyone.


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