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Mushkin XP-800AP 800W Review

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Closer Look:

The Mushkin XP-800AP power supply is made of a shiny chrome-like housing. This power supply uses a semi-hybrid modular design keeping the most important cables, the main power and PCI-e cables, soldered to the PSU for better efficiency, and the others for peripherals in a modular setup. This keeps the cables hanging around in the case to a minimum and aids in cooling. There are eight connection spots, called EZ-Plugs, for the extra cables that will be shown below. There is a 135mm fan included, which is illuminated by four green LED's to brighten the inside of the case.














Opening the case consists of four screws on the bottom of the PSU near the fan. I advise you not to do this, as it will void your warranty and may cause severe harm. We here at OverclockersClub.com will do this for you so that you will not have to do it yourself. Once the top of the case is removed, you have a better view of the insides and the large cooling fan.




Looking around in the inside, you see the huge 470uF capacitor that on the PC board that is used to maintain a stable current when power fluctuates. Near the back is the inside of the main power connection that allows the power to go from the wall to the inside of the PSU. There are large heatsinks that cover the rails to keep them cool as the air from the fan passes over them. There is also the wires from the main plugs and the EZ-Plugs that are soldered to the board.



There is also a great feature worth mentioning here. The Mushkin XP-800AP has a special feature that allows you to operate the power supply on four rails or on a single rail, depending on your setup and power requirements. This change is initiated by a simple switch on the back of the power supply by the main power switch; slide one way and you have the single-rail setup and the other way for a quad-rail setup.


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