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Mushkin Ridgeback 996991 PC3-16000 8GB Review

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Testing this set of Mushkin Ridgeback memory was much the same as testing the rest of the modules in the comparison field. The lack of bclock tuning on the Intel P67 platform gives you a very small window with which to ply your trade when it comes to overclocking the modules. For instance, this kit carries a 2000MHz rating but easily hits 2133MHz at the as-delivered timings of 9-11-9-27. However, going above this level required a bump in voltage as well as some limited bclock tuning. With this set of Ridgeback modules from Mushkin, the most I was able to pull from them was 2252MHz at latencies of 9-11-10-28 with 1.69v. In reality though, this is a bump of 252Mhz over the rated 2000Mhz or about 12.5%. Dropping the CAS latency meant a reduction in overall memory speed impacting overall performance. Even with 1.75v, I was not able to get CAS 8 stable at 2133MHz. I was kind of hoping for more but had to settle on CAS 9 with more realistic volts to the modules. Running higher clock speeds on the memory does help deliver improved memory bandwidth for increased performance. In many of the tests, this set was in the top two for performance if not the first in the scoring. Not all mind you but most of the tests. Not having the opportunity to try on a set of Ridgeback modules for size, I wanted to see just how well the heat sink design worked in comparison to Mushkin's own Frostbyte heat spreader design. I found that their is no comparison when it comes to the cooling abilities of the Ridgeback heat sink design over that of the Frostbyte design. Even when pushing 1.75v through the modules (to try for improved CAS latency numbers) the modules were cool with the airflow I had moving over them. The solid aluminum multi-piece design seems to be effective and is a substantial improvement over the Frostbyte design I have been used to working with over the years. The dropping memory prices have made it a tough market for the enthusiast class memory manufacturer. Even in these tough times, Mushkin still offers and stands behind their product with a lifetime warranty. Priced at $145, this Ridgeback memory kit is priced very competitively against competing products in the same capacity (8GB) and frequencies of 2000MHz. Delivering great performance, overclocking, lifetime warranty and a competitive price point, the Mushkin Ridgeback 996991 2000MHz 8GB memory kit is an excellent choice for that next build.



  • Ridgeback heat spreader
  • Overclocking
  • Timings can be tightened at lower frequencies
  • Cool running
  • Good looks
  • Performance
  • Lifetime warranty



  • Could not tighten up CAS latency at 2133MHz


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