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Mushkin XP2 8000 Redline 2 x 2GB DDR2 Review

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DDR2 1000 speeds guaranteed on a set of memory is old hat. Now instead of the two gig modules, apply that same guarantee to a four gigabyte set and then you have something. To have that same guarantee with a relatively low voltage requirement and the package looks a little bit sweeter. The XP2 Redline modules specify 2.1 volts to get the 5-5-5-12 timings at the rated speed. However, it only took 1.9 volts to get there with this set. In fact, the max overclock was with 1.98 volts, far less than the 2.2 or more regularly needed to overclock memory modules. This reduction in voltage should help with product longevity by reducing the operating temperatures of the modules. The EPP profile allows for set it and forget it overclocking. Set the base timings and leave the rest to auto and ratchet up the clock speeds. At a price of $129, the value that this set provides can't be understated. 562MHz will allow for 1:1 overclocking with all but the best processors out in the wild. Even if not running 1:1, using a divider to gain additional bandwidth will increase the performance to the end user. If four gigabytes of memory is in your future and you need a set to carry you to the next upgrade, the Mushkin XP2 8000 Redline 2 x 2 gigabyte set of modules will provide you with the performance you need at a very attractive price point.



  • DDR2 1000 Guaranteed
  • EPP Profile
  • Overclocking
  • Low Voltage (Relatively)
  • Performance
  • Price



  • Timings



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