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Mushkin PC2-5300 DDR2 SODIMM 2 X 2 GB Memory

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The next set of tests will include Fresh Diagnose memory benchmark, to see the differences between the stock RAM and the Mushkin PC-2 5300, Task Manager performance utilization, Windows Vista performance rating and CPU-Z.


Fresh Diagnose:

I've used Fresh diagnose in the past, but never had much use for it, since I'm more accustomed to using other more familiar benchmarks, like SiSoftware Sandra. For this stage of my review, I just wanted to see what type of differences there were between the two and felt that Fresh Diagnose was an easy enough read. In the 3rd part of this review, I will be using Sandra to show the latencies etc, between both. Fresh Diagnose measures Integer Assignment and the system RAM yielded a score of 23,285, while the Mushkin RAM yielded a score of 36,852.



Task Manager:

You may notice that Task Manager is only reading a total of 2685 on the physical memory while using the Mushkin RAM. By shutting down processes, I was able to achieve 3433, but since the tests are being run without any tweaks, I will show it as is.



Vista Performance Rating:

This is something new. The Vista performance rating analyzes your total system and gives the performance rating based on your lowest subscore. The system RAM produced the lowest subscore in the test at 2.0, while the Mushkin PC-2 5300 received a 5.2.






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  2. Installation & Specifications
  3. Testing
  4. Testing Continued
  5. Conclusion
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