Mushkin Mulholland Drive 2GB USB Drive Review

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Reviewed on: March 8, 2010
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Are you looking for a new flash drive to transfer your digital files? The more that we rely on our computers we are going to have the need to transfer our sometimes large files between them, the easiest and most simple way to do this is to use a flash drive. The convenience of a flash drive means that you do not have to find a blank CD and have to wait for the files to be burned to the disk, you just have to plug your drive in and drag your files into the drive that is plugged into your computer. Well, the Mushkin Mulholland Drive claims that not all USB Flash Drives are created equal and that their's is going to provide you with incredible read/write speeds which will save your valuable time when you are transferring files. I am curious to see just exactly how well this drive is going to compare to the others that are out on the market.

Closer Look:

The packaging for the Mulholland Drive 2GB USB Drive is very simple, as it is just what you would expect to find a flash drive packaged in at the store, you have the plastic packaging that has a piece of cardboard in the center. The Mulholland Drive sits atop the cardboard insert which allows you to see the drive from all angles, except for the back of the drive, while it is inside of the packaging. The front of the package is where you are going to see the Mulholland Drive USB Flash Memory name printed across the top with a picture of a camera, a document, and a film strip below the name letting you know a few of the things that you could store on the drive. Printed under the Mulholland Drive itself you will see the Mushkin enhanced logo. The back of the package is where you are going to find the blurb about the flash drive and Mushkin has also printed their shipping address with their website and phone number to get a hold of them if there was anything that you needed answered.



When you take the drive out of the packaging, you are going to notice that the Mulholland Drive is actually quite light in weight. The front of the drive has the Mushkin enhanced logo printed on it so that you will know who manufactured the drive and when you take a look at the back of the drive, you are going to see the Mulholland name with 2GB printed below it so you will never forget how much space is on the drive and what model it is. A nice feature about the Mulholland Drive is the fact that there is a clear plastic cap that goes over the male USB end so that it does not get damaged and keeps dust or anything else that may find its way in during transportation.

Now that we know exactly how the Mushkin Mullholland Drive is packaged and what it looks like, it's time to see what this thing is going to be able to do against the competition!


To test the performance of the Super Talent Luxio 64GB, I will use a program that is called Flash Memory Toolkit. The free demo of this program will be used to do the testing. This consists of a low level read test, which will check memory bandwidth on the device, and then a write test of different file sizes. The next benchmark will be the removable storage SiSoft Sandra benchmark. Finally, I will test once again the write speed by copying on it our custom files - the same ones we use for the WinRAR benchmark. All thumb drives have been formatted beforehand and they are plugged in a rear USB port on the motherboard.

Testing System:


Comparison Drives:


Read Speed - Low Level Benchmark:

This is the first benchmark from Flash Memory Toolkit. This test outputs a speed in megabytes per second and a "times" factor. For both scores, higher is better.



 The Mushkin Mulholland Drive fell into the top three in both of the Flash Memory Toolkit tests here, it was only beaten out by the Super Talent Luxio and the Super Talent The Godfather drives.


Read and Write - File Benchmark:

The second benchmark in the Flash Memory toolkit is the file read and write test. It will give us a speed in KB/s. The program uses 5 different files of 1 MB, 2 MB, 3 MB, 4 MB, and 5MB. Once again, higher is better.












The Mulholland Drive was able to come into 4th place being beat by the Luxio, The Godfather, and the Data Traveler during the Write testing, except for during the 5MB test, the Mulholland Drive took 2nd place. During the read tests, the Mulholland Drive was able to stay in 3rd place being beat by the Luxio and The Godfather.


Read and Write - File Benchmark:

SiSoft Sandra also performs a read and write test, however the file sizes vary from 32kB to 256MB. All results are written in MB/sec. Higher is better.















Endurance Benchmark:

The endurance benchmark tests the speed at which the thumb drive writes to specific sectors. This time, results are in kB/sec.



During the smaller file tests, the Mulholland Drive was able to perform quite well, ending up in 2nd place between the drives, however as the files got larger, the drive fell back down to being in 3rd place. The Endurance testing is where the Mulholland Drive was able to prove itself, the Random Sector Write score was off the charts high.


Write - File Benchmark:

The last benchmark I will perform on our guinea pig is the writing of our custom OCC files. These are the same files used in the WinRAR benchmark. The time required is indicated in seconds. I will start the stopwatch at the same time as I click on 'copy' and stop it as soon as the 'copying' window disappears. So this time, lower is better.












The Mushkin Malholland Drive was able to prove itself in the realworld file transfer benchmark, the only test that it did not win in was the 100MB file transfer and it only lost by 1 second, however with the large 500MB file it was able to beat out the closest contender (The Godfather) by 23 seconds!


The Mushkin Mulholland Drive was able to perform quite well when it was stacked up against the other drives that are currently out on the market, the synthetic testing was not where the drive was able to prove itself as much as during the realworld file transfer testing. I was quite impressed to see that a flash drive that costs just under $9 when purchased directly from Mushkin's website was able to perform the way that it was able to. As I mentioned before, during the SiSoftware Sandra and Flash Memory Toolkit testing, the drive was unable to beat out all of the of the other drives that were being tested.  However, when I went to transfer the files just by the copy and paste commands in Windows Vista for the real world testing, the transfer times between the Mulholland Drive and the others it was compared to knocked over 20 seconds off the total file transfer time for a 500MB file! If you are looking for a quick drive that is going to be able to deliver you your files in a small and compact device with a small price tag, you may just want to check out the Mushkin Mulholland Drive. The Mulholland Drive does come in other sizes up to 32GB.