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Mushkin HP3 10666 2x2GB Review

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Mushkin's slogan is "Get More". Did I? Why, yes, yes I did. At stock speeds, the Mushkin modules consistently performed almost identically the same as most of the 2x1GB sets. This, while running looser latencies to do it. Most of the 2x1GB kits are able to reduce the latencies to 6-5-5-16 at 1333MHz, but I was unable to make this happen on the HP3 10666 2x2GB set. But in reality, the addition of two gigabytes of additional system memory makes this a non-issue for day-to-day use. 'Feel' is something that is hard to explain, but most of you know just what I am talking about. Programs respond that little bit quicker, games load just that little bit faster, all things that you can feel but are not easily measured. Adding more system memory does this for you. If you run Vista, many of you know the amount of resources that are eaten up by all the background services. Running with just two gigabytes, means that eventually the requested memory is going to have to be paged out to the swap file and this of course takes longer to respond than having the physical memory available.

When it came time to push these modules to find out where the performance bandwagon stopped, I was able to get the HP3 10666 modules to 1734MHz (867 MHz). This represents a 201MHz improvement over the stock speeds. But to do this, I had to reduce(yes reduce) the voltage to the modules, to 1.55 volts and loosen the latencies to 9-9-9-28 with a 2t command rate. This is in fact, better than I was able to get on the Mushkin HP3 10666 2 x 1 gigabyte kit by a large margin. Running at the Jedec specification for the modules is possible with the default 1.5 volts and 9-9-9 latencies, in fact this is where the best overclock occurred. When pushed, the Frostbyte heatspreaders do their job shedding the heat from the modules. Running a fan over any DDR3 modules, running greater than 1.5 to 1.6 volts, does come highly recommended to preserve the modules and prevent them from self-destructing from heat. When removing the modules, I did find that the heatspreader had loosened up from the modules, presenting me with an opportunity to see what was underneath the heatspreader. Having the heatspreader come loose is not typical of the Mushkin build quality. All in all, the Mushkin HP3 10666 2x2GB set of memory delivered very respectable performance and compared favorably against 2x1GB kits that ran at tighter latencies. The price point for this set is less than $200 bucks, so if you need a set of Mushkin quality memory, you really can't go wrong with the latest HP3 10666 2x2GB kit!



  • Stock performance
  • Tight latencies
  • Low voltage requirement
  • Frostbyte heatspreaders
  • Overclocking
  • Price



  • Loose heatspreader



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