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Mushkin HP3 12800 3x2GB Review

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Mushkin has a history of putting together a set of modules that perform above expectations. This set is no different. The performance at the 1333MHZ level was outstanding in comparison to the other two sets of modules tested. Not just by a little, but by a large margin. In the gaming benchmark, the scores only really changed at the 1024x768 level. But at this level, there was a significant increase by upping just the memory speed to 1600MHz. For an easy setup, you could use the XMP profiles that are programmed to the SPD chip on the modules. I just choose to play with the settings and timings myself to try and improve the performance of the system. These modules easily ran timings tighter than the 9-9-9-24 specification at the 1600MHz level. No matter what I tried though, I could not get them to run at a CAS latency of 8 at this level, but did succeed in getting to 9-8-7-20 with a 1t command rate. To get to the 1800MHz level, I had to increase the CAS latency again to 10, but was able to limit this increase to the CAS latecy and the modules ran quite well at 10-9-9-28. Many of you will remember how high the price was for just 2GB of performance DDR3 memory earlier this year. Over $300 for the most part. At this time you can get three times as much memory for a price lower than that set you bough earlier in the year. Just $230 dollars for this set currently on newegg. Additionally you don't have to run 2.0 or higher volts through it to make it perform, so there is no worry about cooking the modules. When it came to heat, the HP3 12800 modules were cool to the touch and did not require more airflow than what was being pulled past them by the CPU heatsink fans. Apparently, the Frostbyte technology used for the heatspreaders is doing the job quite well in the lower voltage arena. As part of Mushkin's High performance line, the HP3 12800 modules do everything you expect them to do at a price that is attractive for a set of performance modules.



  • Overclocking
  • Performance
  • Cool running
  • Good looks(not gaudy)
  • XMP profiles
  • Price



  • Latency increase for 1800MHz operation.


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