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Mushkin HP2 5300 (2x1GB) DDR2 667 Ram Review


Definition: Overclocking is an art of tweaking your hardware settings in the Motherboard BIOS to extract more juice from your CPU & RAM. "More Juice" means more CPU & RAM Speeds.
Disclaimer: Overclocking can harm your computer and its components; this can void any warranty on your computer components. If you wish to overclock, proceed at your own risk.

Overclocking RAM. Basically, when you overclock RAM, you are looking for a specific speed that your RAM can run at and still be stable, or figure out what speed it is running at and what speed it is meant for. RAM speed is synchronous to FSB speed. In this situation, all you have to do to overclock RAM is raise the FSB speed. So what if your motherboard can't run a high FSB, but the memory you have can? You could change the ratio so that your RAM is overclocked highly while still staying within the parameters that your motherboard's FSB can handle.

Here is an example,

200MHz FSB speed with 100% or 1:1 FSB: Memory ratio results in 200MHz memory speed (DDR400)

200MHz FSB speed with 120% or 5:6 FSB: Memory ratio results in 240MHz memory speed (DDR480)

250MHz FSB speed with 80% or 5:4 FSB: Memory ratio results in 200MHz memory speed (DDR400)

So without having to totally write a new tutorial, please check our guide to overclocking if you are still somewhat confused.

Unfortunately, the motherboard used for this review, although being of good quality, is not known for its overclocking ability. So when trying to find the maximum overclock for our Mushkin HP2 5300 (2x1GB) DDR2 667 RAM, I was not able to get stable results with anything more than DDR2 720.

So, as anyone else would, I did a little research and found that, so far, most people who have this motherboard had many problems getting any stability from any DDR2 667 RAM over [email protected] 700. So I am very happy that the Mushkin RAM was able to reach the overclocking results that I achieved. In the future, when I am able to acquire another motherboard that will allow me to reach a better overclock, it excites me to find out what this RAM can really do.

So let's look at how this RAM performed at its maximum overclock.


Si Sandra, Pcmark05 and Cachemem


Cache and Memory ----- combined index of 5436 mb/s and Speed Factor of 35.6 mb/s
Memory Bandwidth ------Bandwidth Int SSE2 of 5008 mb/s and Bandwidth Float SSE2 of 5008 mb/s
Memory Latency ------ Random Access of 118 ns and Speed Factor of 80.8

PcMark05 Total points 4417


You can clearly see that, even with just a slight overclock, this RAM can boost your system's performance. In the case of our Far Cry benchmark, the one frame per second difference is minimal, but in our other three tests, there was a significant increase.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation, Specfications & Testing
  3. Overclocking Results/Testing
  4. Conclusion
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