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Mushkin Blackline 996782 PC3 12800 2x2GB Review

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During the testing, the Mushkin Blackline modules delivered on the promise of performance, delivering solid results in all but one category, the latency test in the Sandra testing. That result aside, the modules were in the thick of it, besting all the modules in the Left 4 Dead 1680x1050 resolution testing. At $130, you have a set of modules in the Blackline 996782 kit that has some serious overclocking potential for not a whole lot of money. That is something that goes along with the theme of the Socket 1156 processors - performance for the masses without the massive outlay for the top of the line Socket 1366 gear. A few of the modules in this range that I have tested have had problems overclocking on the P55 platform because of an incompatibility, but not this set. Pop the kit into the board and roll with it on up to 2000MHz with just a little tickling of the voltage to make them sing! That my friends is a 20% overclock if you are keeping count! If high speeds are not your game, then the modules will allow the latencies to be adjusted lower to the tune of 6-8-6-20 with the stock 1.65 volts and 1600MHz clock speed these modules are rated to operate at. Mushkin's Frostbyte heatspreaders are designed to keep the modules cool under fire with the wide flow path for airflow through the modules. Even with 1.7 volts through them, they remained just barely above ambient temperature under load. Airflow of course helps to keep the Frosbyte heatspreader working more efficiently. With Mushkin's Lifetime Warranty, hand tested modules, and competitive pricing and performance, this set of modules will give you a ton of overclocking fun for your hard earned cash. "Get More"? Why yes, yes I did!



  • Overclocking
  • Performance
  • CAS7
  • Price
  • Looks
  • Cooling
  • Hand Tested
  • Lifetime Waranty



  • None


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