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Mushkin XP2-9200 DDR2 1150 Mhz (2 x 1GB) Ram



    Today we will be testing this memory to gauge its performance through a series of benchmarks. Included are system, as well as memory benchmarks. As a comparison, I will benchmark the current system memory I am using against the XP2-9200. The list of applications and benchmarks are listed below. Due to the way memory dividers are calculated on my board, I will be limited in the frequencies that I can run. Current testing will allow 576, 585 and 600 FSB. The first set of benchmarks will be run at the default clock speeds. With the EPP specification Mushkin, the settings used were expert with all memory settings set to auto.

  • CPU-Z version 1.39
  • Task Manager
  • PCMark 05 Professional
  • SiSandra Pro Business 2007
  • CacheMem
  • Far Cry

Testing Setup
  • Processor, Intel  E6700 at 3.6 GHZ
  • Motherboard, Abit IN9 32XMAX
  • Ram, Buffalo Fire Stix FSX 800 D2C 2 X1gb set
  • Video Card, ATI 1900Xt Crossfire edition
  • Power Supply, OCZ 700watt GameExtreme
  • Hard Drive(s), 2x74gb Raptors in Raid 0, 2 x250gb Western Digital
  • Optical Drives, 1x BenQ DW1655, Sony DVD-Rom
  • O/S Windows XP Service Pack 2

Let's see what this memory can do.

CPU-Z - an application to show you the system settings that you chose while in BIOS. This can verify your settings, should any problems show up.

Task Manager is a utility to show physical memory, kernel memory, page file usage and processor usage (%).

  1. Introduction and Closer Look
  2. Installation:, Specifications
  3. Testing: CPU-Z, TaskManager
  4. Testing: PCMark 05, Sandra
  5. Testing: Cachemem, Far Cry
  6. Overclocking: Results and Testing
  7. Overclocking: Pcmark05
  8. Overclocking: Sandra
  9. Overclocking: CacheMem
  10. Overclocking: Far Cry
  11. Conclusion
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