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Mushkin XP2-8500 Memory Review



Up until this point, I have not had the pleasure to work with a set of memory that has the speed capabilities I am looking for without having to lean on it until it cries for mercy. These modules made me take a second look at my choice of motherboards. Unfortunately, my current motherboard will not allow me past a memory speed of 1070MHz. I ran into the same wall on both sets of memory that I am comparing, so I used a 2:3 divider to reach the speed of 1070MHz with both sets of modules.

With the inability to push speeds any higher with the current testing setup, I cannot speak as to how well these modules overclock. In the future, I will have a motherboard capable of pushing these modules. The one thing I can show is the performance increase from these modules running better than the rated latencies at the rated speed of 1065MHz.   



PcMark 05


Higher is Better


Higher is Better

Lower is Better

  1. Introduction & Closer look
  2. Installation - Specifications
  3. Testing- Cpu-Z, Task Manager
  4. Testing - PcMark05 , SiSandra
  5. Testing-Cachmem, Far Cry
  6. Overclocking Results and Testing
  7. Overclocking Results and Testing continued
  8. Conclusion
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