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Mushkin HP2-6400 DDR2 800 Mhz (2 x 2GB) Ram



As you can see from the previous results, these modules easily run to DDR2 1000. Pretty huge for 2x2GB sticks! An amazing increase at stock latencies and low (2.2v) volts - who says that 2GB sticks can't overclock? For this section, I wanted to show what these modules can do without insane voltages. This means clock speeds that can be run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any fear of cooking your modules. I am simply amazed at how well they scale up to DDR2 1000. Now we will see how far they can go within these narrow constraints.

My motherboard has an array of dividers that sometimes escalate in huge increases. I figured that if I was going to push these modules on low volts, I would shoot for the moon. DDR2 1113(556 FSB) would boot and fail Memtest 1.70. The next stop down was DDR2 1072(536 FSB). Bingo! It looks like we have a winner! This is the point from where I will show the results.

In the absence of another 4GB set of memory, I will compare the performance against Mushkins 2x1GB XP2 9200 set of memory, to see how much of an advantage 4GB of memory can be. I will run the same Benchmark suite that I have run in the earlier part of this review. Let's see how they do!

CPU-Z:  536 MHZ at 5-4-4-12 latencies.

PcMark05: Here are the results of our comparison.

Higher is Better

Higher is Better

Pretty close considering the 40mhz difference in clock speed

  1. Introduction and Closer Look
  2. Installation:, Specifications
  3. Testing: CPU-Z, TaskManager
  4. Testing Continued: PcMArk 05, Sandra XI
  5. Testing: Cachemem,Far Cry
  6. Overclocking:Results and Testing
  7. Overclocking: Sandra XI
  8. Overclocking: CacheMem, Far Cry
  9. Conclusion
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