Mushkin 650 Watt Power Supply Review

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Reviewed on: March 5, 2007
Price: $190 USD


Mushkin has long been known for its outstanding line of performance memory, as well as its entry level memory. It seems that Mushkin was not content with just the memory market and have since launched a line of power supply products. These are currently available in 550, 580, and 650 watt variants. Mushkin has provided us with their top dog 650Watt PSU to test. While a lot of people may not know the name of Mushkin, for us enthusiasts, Mushkin has always been a big name when looking for great performance at an even greater cost. These power supplies have been dubbed “Enhanced Power Supplies” and if they are anything like their Enhanced Memory, then these will be some killer units as well!

Mushkin is one of the older manufactures for memory. While not always seen as a mainstream brand (until recently that is), the company has always been up there with performance memory for the enthusiast market. Founded back in 1994, Mushkin was one of the first performance oriented "enhanced" memory module producers at the time. Its head office is located in Denver, right at the base of the Rocky mountains. This has been their home since the founding of the company, and is bound to stay their home for many years to come. With such a strong line of memory under its belt, I am just itching to see what this power supply can do!

Closer Look:

When I got this unit, I was surprised by the weight of the package as most power supplies that I have used did not weigh this much! The box is adorned with the Mushkin logo, as well as some of the specifications and various features of the unit. Opening up the box, there is another box with all of the cords and accessories.

After removing that box, there is the power supply itself, along with the instruction booklet and the power cord sitting at the bottom of the box. Something interesting that I noticed when removing the power supply was a piece of foam at the bottom of the box. The next major notable thing on this power supply is that the cables all come pre-sleeved! That’s right, no more having to remove Molex or other power connectors to sleeve your power supply. The unit itself looks just like most other power supplies, with the exception of having plugs for the modular cables and that all of the cables were pre-sleeved.

Even the AC cord for this power source comes sleeved! Also in the package are some Velcro cable ties to help neaten up your work space. Opening up the cable & accessories box we finally get a glimpse at the cables that will be supplying the lifeblood to the computer. All of the cables come pre-sleeved in some nice plastic sleeving. I noticed that they are extended cables, so you can use multiple devices on one line.

When I first plugged this PSU in, there was a nice green LED fan mounted in the back of the unit. This adds a nice acid-green glow to things.


+12V1 DC 0.5A 20.0A
+12V2 DC 0.5A 20.0A
+12V3 DC 0.5A 20.0A
+12V4 DC 0.5A 20.0A
+5V DC 1.0A 30.0A
+3.3V DC 0.5A 24.0A
-12V DC 0.0A 0.5A
-5V DC 0.0A 0.5A
+5VSB DC 0.0A 3.0A

While these are the voltage/amperage specifications that are listed on the Mushkin website, there are also a couple of other features that I thought are worth mentioning. The major one being that this power supply uses Quad 12V rails. Instead of the standard 1, or in some bigger units 2, this baby comes loaded to bear with four 12V rails to supply you with all the power you could ever need. One of the other major features that I found is that this unit has something dubbed “Rail Fusion”, which combines the 12V rails to give you that little bit of extra power for multiple GPU/CPU configurations.


Installation is nice and simple. Unplug all the connectors in your case and then unscrew the power supply. Mount the new one into the same spot, and then run only the cords that you need. No need to try and hide excess cords with this power supply's modular design! After double checking all of your connections, you are ready to go with your brand new 650 Watt Enhanced Mushkin power supply!


Test setup

For testing I will be looking at idle and load voltages as reported via software, as well as idle/load voltages reported by a digital multimeter. To load the machine, I will be running 3dmark06 and OCCT in the background to get the maximum load out of my hardware.




If you are looking for a solid high wattage power supply for your new and growing beast of a computer, then this Mushkin is just what you need. A seamless merger of style, performance, and power, this Mushkin 650 Watt power supply is one of a kind. With rails this stable and the power this baby is packing, everyone should have one of these in their computer. Whether you are buying this power supply as an upgrade or as a gift for someone, it will be a great investment. When you buy Mushkin, you are not only buying a product, but you are also buying the peace of mind that this product will perform up to, or higher than, the specifications flawlessly.

Mushkin has taken its superior memory lineup and applied the same high standards to this new power supply lineup, and the results speak for themselves. This power supply is a must have! If you are on a budget, or don’t feel that you need 650 watts of power, then there are also the 580 and 550 watt variants of the unit. If you are looking for a solid 650 watt PSU, then this is MOST definitely the one for you. With power, looks, and ease of use, this Mushkin is a jewel.