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Mushkin Interview and Tour


The Tour:

After the 35 minute interview, it was time to look around the place a little. Their suite is being renovated, so there wasn’t too much to photograph. There were some things that I was not allowed to take pictures of because Mushkin doesn’t want their recipe for success revealed. So, the first room we went into was the testing room. They had at least 50 different computers set up in racks testing their different products. Their racks had wooden shelves that had motherboard stand-offs screwed into them. Most of the motherboards were different brands, types, and colors. Each of the computers are hooked up to a KVM unit allowing the tester to click the switch through each computer making sure that they all passed the tests and posted correctly. The room was pretty hot and maintains a room temperature of 83.3 degrees Fahrenheit. He said the air conditioning hasn’t kicked in but the room is about as hot as a normal case temperature would be. There was a rack that held a ton of RAM that I was not allowed to take a picture of, but other than that, you can see what was in the testing room.



After the testing room, I went to the RMA section of the suite. This portion of the suite had stacks of RAM piled high, that was undergoing testing to diagnose the problem and to see if it’s repairable. Brian said that they get back about 2% of what they sell through RMAs. He mentioned that most of the RMA cases are just people who bought the wrong RAM for their system.



The only other part of the suite to tour was the shipping area. I was not allowed to go into this room or take any pictures. I did get a picture of Brian next to the Mushkin sign outside of the suite.

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