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mStation 2.1 Stereo Orb iPod Dock Review

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Closer Look:

As you'd probably expect, the mStation 2.1 Stereo Orb is a sphere. The particular one that I received is white and pretty shiny. When looking at the front of it, you can see three places where speakers are located along with an IR receiver and six buttons that can be used to control playback of the iPod. There really isn't much to the Orb ... it is pretty simple, yet still classy.









A close look at the remote shows that the buttons are large and clearly marked. Other than that, it's just a remote; nothing really special about it


Lastly, there are six included dock plates. In the picture below, from top-left to bottom-right, these plates can be put onto the Orb to connect an iPod Nano, iPod Photo, 60g iPod Video, iPod Mini, 30g iPod Video, and 3g iPods. Pretty much, if you have an iPod with a dock connector, there is a plate for it. These are easily interchangeable, requiring no tools.

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