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MSI R9 270X Hawk Review

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MSI R9 270X Testing:

Part first-person shooter, part survival horror, Metro: Last Light is the followup to the extremely popular game Metro 2033. Developed by 4A games and published by Deepsilver, this game uses the 4A game engine. In this game set a year after the missile strike on the Dark Ones you continue on as Artyom as he digs deeper into the bowels of the Metro.




  • DirectX 11
  • 2x MSAA
  • Global settings =  High
  • PhysX = Off
  • DOF = Off














At 1920x1080, the MSI R9 270X Hawk is going to deliver just over 30 FPS in this game with the settings used. At 5760x1080, the drop in frame rate makes the game almost unplayable with a single card. Reducing the visual quality can help boost frame rates at the cost of visual quality.


FCAT Results:

In the percentile charts, the MSI R9 270X Hawk delivers an almost flat frame time curve until the 95th percentile. Frame times in game at 1920x1080 are in the high 20 to high 30ms range, while at 5760x1080 the results are indicitive of the type of performance you can expect from a card designed to work best at 1920x1080 where it does better than the GTX 660 and HD 7870.


1920x1080     5760x1080


1920x1080     5760x1080

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