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MSI R4830 512MB Overclock Edition Review

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Thrown into a contest filled with more expensive video cards, the R4830 definitely holds its own. MSI's inexpensive video solution went well beyond my expectations. This $135 card was a shocker! The R4830 posted respectable benchmarks at its factory clocks but it became a monster after a massive overclock. The closest nVidia offering in the R4830s price range, the 9800GT, is easily beaten in nearly every benchmark. With that being said, the MSI R4830s closest competition is its big brother, the 4850.This makes sense considering the two cards share the same GPU and have comparable memory specs. In the end the only feature that can differentiate the R4830 from the 4850 is the number of shaders, which are 640 and 800 respectively. However, a lack of shaders doesn't seem to hold the R4830 back. With idle temperatures in the 30s, cooling was superb as well. I would highly recommend this card to a buyer in the mid-range market.

In conclusion, an overclocked R4830 is a cheaper, faster, cooler running version of ATI's 4850. What more could you ask for?



  • Overclocked Performance
  • Low Price
  • Advanced Power Circuitry
  • Low Temperatures
  • Overclockability



  • None


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