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MSI R4670 512MB Review


Closer Look:

The MSI HD4670 uses a RV730 core which is built using a 55nm manufacturing process. The factory GPU frequency is set at 750MHz. The GDDR3 memory, provided by Hynix, is clocked at 1000MHz and runs through a 128-bit interface. The 4670 features 320 shaders compared to the 640 shaders found in a 4830. Solid capacitors are also used to maintain reliability and power control.





















The 4670 has 2 DVI out ports on the back side of the card. An adapter is provided to convert the signal to HDMI. Since the 4670 is a low power card it doesn't have an auxiliary power supply. However, the 4670 does have a Crossfire connection for use with multi-card systems.



GDDR3 memory for the 4670 is sourced from Hynix. The factory heatsink is "seaweed" style and is made of a single piece of machined aluminum. The memory is passively cooled since the heatsink doesn't come into direct contact with it.



 Lets take a look at the programs and drivers MSI has provided to us.

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