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MSI N550GTX Ti 1GB Review

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So, I'm going to jump on out there and say that for those looking for a sub $160 video card with the capabilities to run the latest games at moderate resolutions and medium to medium-high quality settings, this is far from a bad choice. It offers excellent cooling performance, great overclockability, and rightfully takes the spot in place of the soon-to-be phased out GTS450. The performance was right where I expected, as typically we see replacement generation cards in this situation hit a little bit higher than their predecessors. I saw performance jumps between 5% and up to almost 15% in graphics tests, and way better cooling than the GTS450 reference cooler.

As far as the physical card itself, MSI states that the solid capacitors make no noise, but I did hear a noticeable "cricket chirp", as I like to call it, while playing games and even through Photoshop (uses GPU acceleration). It's not an annoyance as it can be expected with most video cards now, but I did find it more noticeable than other cards that don't advertise quiet capacitors. However, the overclockability of this card amazed me! I was able to reach into the fastest three core clocks on the graphs with stock voltages and drove it all the way up to the number one position with adding a slight increase in voltage — all while staying cool. For what this card is worth, it is an excellent buy. We see noticeable increases in performance over the GTS450 and no drawbacks in sight. Even though I might be spoiled with higher-end hardware, I'll be recommending this card to the next budget build for sure!



  • Overclockability
  • Temperatures
  • Voltage conrol
  • Triple display compatible
  • Price



  • Capacitors a little noisier than I expected
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