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MSI N275GTX Twin Frozer OC Review

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MSI has installed a cooling solution on the N275GTX that really works, and works quite well. The Twin Frozer cooling solution with its 5 heatpipe design kept load temperatures well into the cool zone at 54 degrees Celsius at the factory overclocked speeds. All this while being virtually quiet. No small feat on either point. Now that's all at the default speeds where it the cooling solution should do well, right? When overclocked as high as it would go with the fan speed at 100% the temperature dropped from a relatively cool 54 Celsius under load to 51 degrees Celsius all the while allowing the card to run at 742MHz on the core, 1600MHz on the shader cores and 1300MHz on the memory. That is amazing. The only downside I see with the Twin Frozer design is that if your chassis is not adequately vented, the heat load dumped into the chassis will increase the operating temperatures of all of the installed components, CPU, memory, motherboard, etc. This increase will depend again on how well your case breaths. The Armour+ case I used vents well enough to not see any impact from the card. Your results may vary from mine based on this fact. Performance wise, the Twin Frozer is also a winner. When compared against only the HD 4890, the N275GTX outperformed it in 29 out of 36 benchmark tests run. If you add the number of tests where the score was even, that number increases to 32 out of 36. This increase in performance over the HD 4890 will come with a price tag. The price tag on the MSI N275GTX comes in at 259 dollars while the HD 4890 Vapor-X runs about 40 dollars cheaper. GTX 275 pricing runs between roughly 200 to 360 dollars, so the price point on the Twin Frozer falls into the lower end of the range. With the volatility of pricing nowadays its hard to tell where the pricing may end up. The customized cooling solution adds a bit to the cost of the Twin Frozer, but what is one of the first upgrades for a CPU or GPU? Better cooling! If you subtract the cost of the 35 to 65 dollars you would spend for cooling enhancements, the price of the N275GTX is right about where a reference GTX 275 is priced. The value of the card and improved cooling solution can't be denied with the numbers it delivers on both the cooling and performance fronts. If your next video card for your gaming rig is a GTX 275, the MSI N275GTX offers factory overclocked performance with a cooling solution that delivers exceptional results. All with a competitive price!



  • Non-stock cooling solution
  • Cooling solution works
  • Overclocks well
  • Fans silent below 75%
  • Factory overclocked
  • Great performance



  • Fans loud at 100%


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