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MSI 890GXM-G65 Review

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H/W Monitor:

The H/W Monitor page is where you can monitor system voltages, temperatures, and fan speeds. Here you can also set a shut-down temperature in case the CPU, northbridge, or overall system get too hot, as well change settings to the Fan Controller.















Green Power/BIOS Setting Password

The Green Power menu is used to specify the power phase, while the BIOS Setting Password allows you to set a password for the BIOS



Cell Menu

From this page, you can configure clock frequencies and adjust voltages to different areas of the system. For processor overclocking, you can adjust the Clock Ratio and FSB frequencies. The FSB frequencies will adjust the internal clock speeds of the processor, which will also make adjustments to the memory and chipset frequencies as well. Overclocking with the CPU Ratio will only adjust the multiplier for the processor, raising the speed of the CPU, but leaving all other settings intact. For memory overclocking, you can make a simple change such as changing the Set Memory Clock, but there is also a DRAM Configuration menu that will allow you to make more in-depth changes to the memory, such as making changes to the timings. At the bottom of the menu, you will find the voltage area. This is where you can manually set voltage to different areas, such as the CPU, memory, and northbridge. Also, if you are using the latest BIOS from MSI, you will have a unlock core option in the Cell Menu. This can be used to unlock extra cores on AMD processors that have one or more cores factory-disabled. In the Cell Menu, you will also find MSI's OC Genie Lite. This option will automatically overclock you system by increasing the system's frequencies and adjust the voltage neccessary to remain stable.




M-Flash/Overclocking Profile

The M-Flash menu will allow you to easily flash your BIOS from a flash drive using a FAT or FAT32 format. The Overclocking Profile is a page where you can save your overclocked settings that can be loaded at a later time if the system becomes unstable or if the board resets to defaults.


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