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MNPCTech SC135 Pre-Modded Case Review


Closer Look

All the intake fans have fan filters to reduce the dust intake into the case. These are a great feature as I�m always cleaning the dust bunnies out of my other case. The front simply pops out for easy cleaning, but a screwdriver will be needed to clean the side panel�s filter.

The fans used on the SC135 are manufactured by Globe. These fans pump out 67CFM at 35dBA. Each fan connects via mother board fan heard or fan controller. There is also a thermistor to control fan speed as heat increase within the case, and to keep things quiet.

One problem I encountered on the exhaust fans; MNPCTech had to cut grooves out of the side panel for the over sized screws and rubber grommets. The cuts where pretty rough and could cause a nasty scratch. A few seconds with a rotary tool could have cleaned those rough edges up.

It was interesting to see the modder's name and date the mod was completed on the bottom. This really shows MNPCTech stands behind their workmanship.

The SC135 comes with a generic single fan 350W AGI PSU. One of the first things I noticed was how light the PSU was; we all know that a light weight PSU is often not a good sign. The PSU has a 20 pin ATX connector, 4 pin P4 connecter, as well as 5x large 4 pin (Hard Drive) connectors and 2x small 4 pin (Floppy Drive) connectors. After a week of testing the rails were solid with no major changes in voltage on any of the rails.


Here is everything installed. I�m glad to say I had no problems with the installation. The wires gave me a hard time getting the case looking half decent. There are a few problems with the case with everything installed. The two lower 5.25� bays can�t be used with optical drives as they will come in contact with the mother board, but the newer lite-on drives that are about an inch shorter should have no problems installing one in the two lower spots. Also users of larger video cards might have clearance issues using the upper slots of the drive cage.

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