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Mirrors Edge Game Testing

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Mirrors Edge is a unique game that brings the realism factor that much further forward, from many games out currently. The effects are just amazing and provide that next level of immersion. Glass does not just break and disappear into thin air. The cloth does not just tear away in big blocks and disappear - they become part of the environment and enhance the experience in the game. The Physx effects are what make the game so much more realistic, as each effect adds to the game rather than detracting from it. By turning off the Physx effects, you are back to just another game with mediocre effects. The lineup of cards used represents both the top of the line from both camps, as well as the top mid-level players in the video card wars. This performance run-through is not so much about the game itself, but about the effects and the performance generated by the current crop of offerings from each manufacturer. The bottom line here, is that you need to decide what level of visual effects are right for you and your style of gameplay. By turning the Physx simulations off, the performance in the mid-range is almost identical between the red and green camps. The high-end is not as close. Now, when the Physx simulations are enabled, well there really is not a contest at all - the green camp just walks away from the red camp by leaps and bounds. The massive computing power of the Nvidia cards and the Physx processing, just makes the game all that more enjoyable from a realism standpoint, that would otherwise take an additional hardware purchase to bring the tables even close with the ATI hardware. My vote goes for the eye candy and realism!

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Testing (Setup & Results)
  4. Conclusion
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