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Mionix Naos 5000 Review

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Let's go back to the original question that I asked, are you looking for a new mouse for your gaming setup? If you are a gamer that takes his (or her) gaming time seriously and has a few extra bucks to spend on a mouse and needs a new one, you may just want to check out the Minoix Naos 5000. This mouse has it all, from customization to comfort, all the way down to high DPI settings. First things first, the only downside of the Mionix Naos 5000 that I noticed was the price of the mouse, which comes in at $92, quite steep for a peripheral. However the price can be justified; just about every aspect of the mouse can be customized to make it your very own; you can change all seven of the buttons on the mouse to do just about any function that you may want them to, including having a macro writer in the software. Not only can you change all of the buttons' functions, you can also change the color of the four LEDs on the mouse, which is a pretty cool aspect of the mouse. All of the settings are grouped into a profile, the mouse is able to hold five profiles and you can customize a button to move through the profiles to allow for in game switching or on-the-fly switching between profiles. The mouse is able to perform up to 5040 DPI, which is quite fast and I have never needed to set my mouse to go that high, I usually keep mine around 2970 DPI so it is still quick but not jumping from corner to corner. If you are a fan of a heavier mouse, you are in luck with the Naos 5000, Minoix has given you eight 5 gram weights and there are four slots on either side of the mouse that can hold these weights to give you a heavier mouse. The software for the Naos 5000 has a built in Surface Quality Analyzer Tool that is going to check to see the quality of the surface you are working on. The comfort of the mouse has everything that I look for in a mouse, it provides support for all of your fingers while still having a lower profile and elongated shape with a small slope to give you a relaxed feel to it. Mionix has also put a rubber coating on the outside of the mouse to keep your fingers from sliding around on the plastic, which is very important to me. If you are looking for a new mouse that is going to give you total customization over it while still being comfortable during a long gaming session, you may want to check out the Naos 5000. Even though it does have quite a heavy price tag on it, I think it is worth the extra few dollars.



  • Customization
  • Capable of high DPI settings
  • Adjustable weight (+40grams)
  • Five Profiles with three DPI settings each
  • Comfort
  • S.Q.A.T



  • Price


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